Beauty in Decay II Interview and Competition

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Happy New Year TU


Over Christmas I caught up with RomanyWG, Mr Jeremy Gibbs to find out a little more about his new book, Beauty in Decay II.


1. So, Jeremy, what can we expect from the new book?

The first Beauty in Decay was really introducing people to the Urban Explorer and what their philosophy on exploring abandoned spaces, the second book is more about the places they visit and the history of these places. The first draft took forever as I painstakingly researched the history of all the locations, but no matter how much information I found, it ended up reading as though I had just lifted it from wikipedia. It started to read like a blog, so most of it was dropped in the end. I would have liked to keep just a brief description under each photograph. Built 1905. Abandoned 2004. But the publisher wasn’t keen on giving any information, thought it detracted from the pictures. I now have a vast collection of original postcards of all the locations tooand had some ideas of incorporating them too, but in the end they were just give a single page.

2. Have you been planning the second book since the release of the first?

Yes I had, although I had some other projects that I was working on in the mean time. I produced 3 other books before BID II. I was happy with the first but I had moved away from heavy HDR and so didn’t want to overuse that this time. I have used HDR but much more subtle and more fusion too, I’m not a big fan of the heavy HDR, it doesn’t show the places as I see them.

3. Do you have a favourite image from the book?

I really like this double page spread.


Shot at Laverie de charbon de Blaye-Les-Mines in South France, a coal washing plant where there had been a massive fire in the past and the place was a death trap. Also the dirtiest place I have ever been to in my life, I threw away my clothes after visiting this place as they were covered in coal dust and as I was sleeping in my van and couldn’t stand the smell of them anymore. I like these photographs as they are unique, we all know that as soon as a place becomes known it is besieged by hundreds of explorers who all get exactly the same shot, so it was good to get something unique from this spot.

4. Is there a Beauty in Decay III on the cards?

No Beauty in Decay III on the cards. I think there are too many books out there already, the public has had enough IMO. There is something new in the pipeline but if I told you….. I would have to kill you

Thank you to Jeremy for answering these questions. Beauty in Decay II is available from The Book Depository which offers free worldwide delivery.

BUT, we don’t end it there!

We have a signed copy of Beauty in Decay II to give away, with big thanks to Jeremy!

So, here are the details on how to win this awesome prize…..

Competition Theme – Beauty in Decay
Any image fitting the theme (no nudes), taken in any abandoned location.

How to enter
Entry is simple, submit one image into the special competition gallery – please check the competition rules before entry as if your image does not meet the requirements, it will be removed with out notice.

As if an awesome prize for the winner isn’t enough….. the member who gets second place will win a Talk Urbex 2013 wall calendar, the member taking third will win an A3 mounted canvas print, of their image, delivered to their door (courtesy of static charge) and all three images will also be featured in the 2014 calender.

The competition closes for entries on the the 28th of February.

Some of the basic rules

  • You have to be a registered member, not a new user – this means that you will have to have posted in the Talk Urbex forum
  • Your image must match the theme of "Beauty in Decay"
  • Your image must be your own work
  • Your image must match the sizes as specified in the competition rules
  • Your image must be landscape orientated
  • Each member can enter a maximum of one image
  • No nudes

If you have any questions about the competition or theme, post them in this thread





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