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Potter’s Mannor 2012 Potter’s Mannor 2012(1)

I travelled down south at the end of August to meet up with a couple of folks I met off Instagram. Read More

The Cityhall The Cityhall(0)

Great staircase Read More

We Don’t Need No Education We Don’t Need No Education(0)

Today it’s long gone, but in 2010/2011 it was still there. We don’t need no Thought Control… Read More

House of 3′s House of 3′s(0)

I have to admit to being pretty excited at finding this rambling country house. It turned out to be pretty impressive inside, but rotten right through the middle. Some parts were impossibe to reach so a revisit may be on the cards soon. Read More

Castello GG | IT | 2012 Castello GG | IT | 2012(0)

Hey my fellow urbexers!!

Here is another set from my trip to Italy!! Read More

Monastère O Monastère O(0)

In the early 20th century a farmers familiy gave a piece of land to a religious congregation of sisters to build a small monastry with retirement home for the poor. Although it was extended in the ’50s the place had to close down and the inhabitants were moved to different facilities. Read More

Bluebell House Bluebell House(0)

Visited this place back in may with Lee/Ratters, Wiffsmith, Gatesy and Timster
In my opinion it is probably the best explore ever!!…The place was like a museum with things left there since 1940′s
I’ll let the pictures tell you the rest… Read More

Royal Masonic School – August 2012 Royal Masonic School – August 2012(0)

The Royal Masonic School for Boys was an independent school for boys in England. I used to drive past this campus on a weekly if not daily basis so after seeing Landie’s report from site I just had to pop my head around the remaining corridors to see what the old boy was like. Visited in the excellent company of OMJ, Headflux and a non member. Read More

Manor H Manor H(0)

Not sure if you guys have already seen this place, I have seen it in other forums.

Only got about an hour inside before the light faded, so I’ll be going back for more soon! Read More

Villa Stockmans Villa Stockmans(0)

A great little house set in its own grounds in a sleepy Belgium village , we were just to late with this one most of the goodies had been removed by the time we got here so heres what we saw ….. Read More

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