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Villa H Villa H(0)

Now this one, was interesting. Arrived at 7am, it was pitch black until 7:30, when I shot the first image of the painting. Read More

Maison V Maison V(0)

Not a great report but thought I would share as it would be a cool place for a video shoot or something like that. Especially in the snow. Read More

Dead Crow House Dead Crow House(0)

Just going through old things & noticed I hadn't done a thread for this one!!! Visited here back in May with Teresa & Tim. Read More

Chateau S Chateau S(2)

Bloody loved it here! Even though it is a 3 floored huge mansion, unfortunately only a few rooms have any features/furniture. But the features it does have really stand out. Read More

Crematorium Crematorium(2)

Really struggling to find any history on this place. I know it’s been documented before, I went for a wide angle approach instead of details. Read More

Monastery A Monastery A(1)

I really enjoyed researching for this place. It has an intriguing history. It was built in the 17th century, but strangely enough does not look/feel that old. Read More

Baptist Church, Indiana Baptist Church, Indiana(3)

A well known church in the area, with an adjacent cultural center. The neighborhood was spookier than what I’ve seen in Detroit but as my friend described it as "not that bad for this city" I thought it would be O.K. Read More

Urbex Daff S01E03 – Orchard House Urbex Daff S01E03 – Orchard House(2)

On the 12th of November 2012 I finished early from work so I dropped by this lovely old house. Read More

5 Hats aka Villa Dennis Be. 5 Hats aka Villa Dennis Be.(2)

Blowing the dust of my urbex files ….been along time sitting on my computer thought id pop out of retirement and share an experience. Read More

Haven House – Lower Saxony, Germany – Dec 2012 Haven House – Lower Saxony, Germany – Dec 2012(3)

I stumbled across this abandoned house in Germany a few weeks ago, unsure if people still lived here or not i reccy’d the place a few times and decided it was worth a look as nobody had been to the house for ages. Read More

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