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Maison L’Oiseau Bleu Maison L’Oiseau Bleu(0)

A small house somewhere: Read More

Villa K. Villa K.(0)

A villa, empty but with a nice staircase: Read More

Harrys House Harrys House(2)

A gorgeous little place this, even though it was a bit stuffy and full of spiders. It was a tad cramped but there was so much to photograph and look through! A great little explore. Read More

Ivy Farm Manor Ivy Farm Manor(1)

I’m sure that everyone knows there’s a pool and cars there but as you will see they aren’t the focus of my report, my photos of them haven’t been included. Read More

Wonka Mansion Wonka Mansion(1)

Empty and nothing more to see. Only the staircase was nice: Read More

The house of the counts that had ten children The house of the counts that had ten children(2)

1914, while Europe is bleeding in the Great War, far away a rich couple lived with their ten children (six boys and four girls) Read More

Chateau de procureur Chateau de procureur(1)

A nice one with a lot of decay: Read More

Pripyat City Residential Tower Blocks 2012 Pripyat City Residential Tower Blocks 2012(0)

Just sharing a few images from the tower blocks in Pripyat, Chernobyl. These block still had some memories of the former people who lived here. Really amazing but sad experience but getting to see all of Pripyat from the top of the tower block, just WOW!!! Read More

Church of Z. Church of Z.(0)

A church with a lot of decay: Read More

Farm of the fat cat Farm of the fat cat(0)

Only a few cats still live here: Read More



The Stencil House The Stencil House(0)
Radiator factory Radiator factory(0)
The Mann Cave The Mann Cave(0)
Heilstätte S. Heilstätte S.(0)
Hearn Ascendant Hearn Ascendant(0)
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