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The house of the counts that had ten children The house of the counts that had ten children(2)

1914, while Europe is bleeding in the Great War, far away a rich couple lived with their ten children (six boys and four girls) Read More

Chateau de procureur Chateau de procureur(1)

A nice one with a lot of decay: Read More

Pripyat City Residential Tower Blocks 2012 Pripyat City Residential Tower Blocks 2012(0)

Just sharing a few images from the tower blocks in Pripyat, Chernobyl. These block still had some memories of the former people who lived here. Really amazing but sad experience but getting to see all of Pripyat from the top of the tower block, just WOW!!! Read More

Church of Z. Church of Z.(0)

A church with a lot of decay: Read More

Farm of the fat cat Farm of the fat cat(0)

Only a few cats still live here: Read More

Maison Heinen Maison Heinen(0)

Saw this place when on a road trip through France, Belgium and Lux with Bas, Marleen and Roel. It was looks like an old working farm. Read More

Treehouse Manor Treehouse Manor(0)

Hot on the tail of our look down The Crypt, we went off in search of a well-preserved old farmhouse in the Belgian countryside. Read More

Sisters of Mercy College. Sisters of Mercy College.(0)


After the Irish Free State was set up, Rural Domestic Economy schools were established by the State. Read More

Middle School Middle School(0)

I spent the afternoon shooting this old public school in my hometown. This school has been abandoned for a short time but didn’t take long to fall apart. Read More

A New Method A New Method(2)

Anyone who has been to Gary, IN has visited City Methodist, this grey-stone church is the poster child for urban decay that is rampant in Gary. Read More

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