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Epic Abandoned Resort – Unity House Epic Abandoned Resort – Unity House(0)

My most epic and ambitious Urbex yet! This past weekend my friend JPVideos and I took a trip out to the old abandoned Unity House Resort in the Pocono’s. Read More

Urban Decay – Abandoned Irem Temple Urban Decay – Abandoned Irem Temple(0)

This week my friend and I took a look around an abandoned Irem Temple. It snowed the night before, so we were glad to be doing in indoor exploration. BUT… when we arrived, there were foot prints leading into the entry point…two sets of footprints. Read More

Overlook mountain house revisit Overlook mountain house revisit(0)

We were back in New York for my fiancee’s grandmother birthday. I visited this place a few years back, I only had a few hours of free time and less than ideal conditions. Read More

Ghost holiday resort Ghost holiday resort(0)

This was a popular holiday resort before the war that happened here a couple of decades ago. Read More

Glass Hotel Glass Hotel(1)

A really modern hotel left abandoned, with a lot of stuff in it: Read More

Hotel Holiday Hotel Holiday(1)

A huge complex, with so much decay: Read More

American Southwest American Southwest(1)

I’ve been fortunate to visit the American southwest several times since 2006. The photography is incredible; a huge variety of landscapes and experiences to capture. Read More

Hotel deer Hotel deer(1)

Small hotel somewhere in Germany: Read More

Scooter Disco Scooter Disco(1)

An abandoned disco somewhere in Germany: Read More

Disco S. Disco S.(0)

A vandalized disco with hotel zone: Read More

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