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Flying School – Tally Ho! Flying School – Tally Ho!(1)

This is a VAST site. In the 90’s the Russian army left this vast space (which was used as a flying school) and it has been out of use ever since. Read More

The Institute The Institute(0)

Negotiations to bring a higher-education campus to the small down to Germantown in 1885, initially to be a satellite campus of the Cincinnati Wesleyan College, however that did not end up being the case, and the town council found themselves in the office of Orvon Graff Brown, who at the time was the president of the Ohio Conservatory of Music and the School of Oratory. Read More

Soviet Propaganda Centre, Bulgaria Soviet Propaganda Centre, Bulgaria(2)

The Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship stands on the Bulgarian coastline, looking out across the Black Sea. Read More

Urbex Daff S01E02 The Military Castle Urbex Daff S01E02 The Military Castle(1)

On the 23rd of October 2012 I went to castle Rochendaal; a building with impressive stairs, a lot of empty rooms and a beautiful chapel.
In comparison with episode S01E01, I tried to make everything a bit more interesting by including some point of view scenes. Read More

Nuclear Bunker – October 2012 Nuclear Bunker – October 2012(0)

Visited this site with True_British_Metal this month, we believe we are the first to crack it. Read More

The "Goli otok" prison/Croatian Alcatraz/October 2012 The "Goli otok" prison/Croatian Alcatraz/October 2012(0)

After three attempts of visiting the "Goli otok" island, we’ve finally managed to reach it. Read More

Doomsday Tanks – Germany Doomsday Tanks – Germany(0)

I first saw this site on this forum, and loved it so much, I planned it into our Euro trip. Read More

MRU Bunker Tunnel System – Poland – Sept 2012 MRU Bunker Tunnel System – Poland – Sept 2012(0)

So, The MRU bunkers were built by the Germans (not the Polish) as a defence against the Red Army at the start of WWII. Read More

Prison (Poland), August 2012 Prison (Poland), August 2012(0)

Built during Middle Ages then rebuilt after the partitions of Poland in the XVIII and XIX century. Formerly housed the church and Dominican monastery. Read More



The Stencil House The Stencil House(0)
Radiator factory Radiator factory(0)
The Mann Cave The Mann Cave(0)
Heilstätte S. Heilstätte S.(0)
Hearn Ascendant Hearn Ascendant(0)
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