Dan Yr Ogof – South Wales

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Just noticed there’s a section for caves on here and seeing I was into caving before Urbex, thought I’d share one of the best caving trips I have done to date.
The Dan Yr Ogof showcaves in the Swansea Valley are one of South Wales top tourist attractions. However the concrete paths that lead families through the opening 500m of the cave come to an end as the first of several underground lakes are met. Beyond the lakes lies a further 11 miles of passages and some of the most impressive chambers and formations in the UK, second only to one other cave (Otter Hole) under Chepstow racecourse. The photos were taken by a good friend, Steve Sharp who takes awesome pictures on many of my caving trips.



At the end of the showcave section.



Just after crossing the lakes, cascades must be passed.



A large column a short distance after passing the cascades.






Two straws that have joined in the middle to form a very unusual straw column. This is in a passage with a great name ‘Flabbergasm Oxbow’



Viewing some more formations that look like candle wax.



The best fun of the trip, using rubber rings to traverse several hundred metres of submerged passage called the Green Canal.



The washing machine. No actual need to get down in here other than for the photo opportunity




The crystal pool, near to Flabbergasm Oxbow. Great care must be taken not to disturb the surface of the water, where crystals grow on the surface tension. Hence the rope on the left for climbing around it.



Posing like hell under the straw covered roof of Cloud Chamber one of the UK’s most amazing natural sights.



Wide view of cloud chamber, well worth braving the obstacles and cold for.

Caving feels like Urbex on many levels, the buzz I get from it is very similar. It’s not all horrifically tight vice-like sections as many people seem to think. This trip involved one fairly short section of flat out crawling but other than that, it’s mostly walking and climbing. The cave is a protected nature reserve though and to do a trip in here will have to be with one of several approved wardens. If you’ve ever wondered about it, get in touch with a caving club or give me a shout and I’ll point you in the right direction. I have already introduced one Urbexer to it and he loved it big time.


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