Westland Wessex – June 2012

Author Happyshopper - Last updated: 10.08.2012

I turned up with a rough idea of the location but with, as it turns out, no sense of scale or distance, and started to go for a mooch across the fields. Makes a nice change. Yeah. Then after a few minutes I found myself up to my armpits in thistles and nettles for most of the walk. I eventually got to the Wessex a good hour after leaving the car, taking a ridiculously roundabout route. Still, I made it.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the return journey though.

The Wessex was first flown 4th November 1964, and made it’s final flight May 2007.


I took a straight shot but didn’t notice a huger than huge daisy obscuring the whole front of the helicopter


Going for the juicy bits first I climbed straight into the cockpit, where I immediately got a nasty surprise when the door came off in my hand! Tripod in one hand and door in the other, I climbed carefully back down in the nice strong winds to place it on the floor. And start again.




I obviously wasn’t playing with any of the switches and buttons. Oh no.





Right, I guess that’s it, better go for another cross country jaunt back to the car…



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