The Pink Thing From The Sea

Author Stray Dog - Last updated: 19.07.2012

As I was driving through Croatia recently, I saw some 80 or 100 meters away from the street the silhouette of a yacht. It looked like, it was in the middle of the woods. And then in PINK (?!)…
I decided to go for a quick explore – if I ever could reach that strange scene!

And here is what I found:

The view from my car:


The first close sight, after I muddled through the bushes and trees, always taking care of snakes. Yes, they DO HAVE venomous snakes:


As I approached, I got goosebumps – not by excitment. This ship was scary:


It was really big and it reminded me for some freakin’ reason of an evil creature:


So unconsciously I stepped back a little bit:


But the curiosity made me come closer again:


I finally decided to go onboard:


Getting in was easy. There was a mess inside and it smelled like cold fire. And indeed there was a fire inside. The engine was on fire once, I found out later. So everything was staind and dirty:


The bow:


The view from onboard:


I was glad, as I went away. It was an exciting explore, but it was frightening too, for some reason.
All photos taken with my iPhone. I didn’t carry my big camera with me.

Stray Dog


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