St Ebbas Hospital

Author Andre Govia - Last updated: 06.08.2009

Mission to St Ebbas Hospital in Epsom,

We had a look at the guard set up the day before and it looked like a touch and go entry as Demo crews and Asbestos workman were all around the building .

So in we go with hard hats clipbords hi viz vests looking ahead only and pointing to parts of the outer buildings as if we were part of the work force (looking back at this move make’s me smile).

Day ward

So now we are in the grounds and cannot see any workman around we walk into our first of the out buildings and get out kit out for the mission.

a ture vintage

Our first cool find ,found just sitting on its own in a pink room.

The Head

Looking down past the ward doors i stopped in my tracks when i saw this dummys head,looked so real from where i was standing,turned out to be part of the lab ,But still gave me a shock to see it looking out with a net on its head 🙁

tea for two

Tea for two !

Looks like they left in a hurry with all the cups left on the table,It make you wonder about what is the real story in some of the abandoned buildings you check out.

so out of the smaller buildings and time to check out what looked like a large store building ,still sporting our workman look !

X Rays left on the floor

Here we found X Rays by the box load just left around the floor ,We looked at a few before makeing our way around the store,

Hopping into the next part of the building was a little tricky as a small window at the rear was the only way we could see into the hallways.

Still could not see any of the workman from the morning,could it be that they had left !

upper storeroom

looking up at the hospital .

outside walls

Walking around the borded up dark hallways we came accross the admin area , we did not check out this area due to to lights being all on and as not to take risk’s we moved on the another part of the complex ,after checking out two shops we entered another ward painted red and blue,Then with a nudge we looked up with horror to see a PIR unit with a red light starting to flash faster and faster 🙁

ground floor room

We looked at each other with the ‘Nightmare look’ And sterted to look around for more of the critters and found two that we had walked past moments before.

I said Ok just keep on takeing shots untill we get shiffted ! After about 4 mins we could hear foot steps comming our way ,they soon arrived at the ward where we were 🙁


Then this 6 foot tall man stopped in the doorway looked at us and said

‘Oh you made me jump ,what dept are you with , with that he looks over at our tripods and said oH sorry your from Dewants (who that is i dont know) and i said yes 🙂 He then asked us if we could tell him where the ladders were kept and i told him that they were some in ‘C’ Block ! ‘C’ Block he said ? Yes ‘C’ block as i pointed over his head down a hallway .

His name Was Dean i think. With this we went on our way and he walked off down a dark hallway.

Main hall

We found the Main hall ,Voices of other workman near by.


Lonley chair

We then turned around to see what looked like a forman type builder looking in at us by the large wooden doors !


Hi I said,

Did Dean find the ladders Ok.

With this he became calm and said Oh he’s always looking for something.

With that he asked if we needed any of the doors open to the gate area.

No i said ,we are only doing insied today and that we would be covering that gate area tomorrow.

With this he said Ok and left.

the last note

We took some more shots and made upstairs to the Projector room before anyone else came along.

projector room

After a quick shot we left the building hopping the small fence out before our cover was blown 🙂


Andre govia

mission :

St Ebbas Hospital


#1mattAugust 17, 2009, 12:46 pm

sounds boody hilarious! i just couldnt pull something like that off, jedi mind tricks you have!

#2shandoNovember 26, 2009, 9:26 pm

‘These are not the droids you are looking for’

#3Ray DarrellOctober 24, 2010, 1:02 pm

Hi, I’m Ray and was a Patient in St Ebba’s back in 1956 at just 14yrs old. I was in Cedar Ward from Jan to August 1956. They treated me extremely well and I do have fond memories of the Hospital and Staff. Willing to impart whatever knowledge I can for you.
Best wishes, Ray

#4andyJanuary 19, 2011, 7:03 am

i work there has a day porter(1987-97),it was a great place to work its sad to see the way it went,i have good memories of st ebbas,

    #5sophos9January 19, 2011, 8:53 am

    Thanks for the comment, great you had first hand experience in here. Must be strange to see it now…

#6RachelApril 2, 2012, 11:48 pm

I too was a patient at St. Ebbas, many years ago. My life changed there. I recall in detail the beautiful people who developed my abilities and taught me, and for the first time ever, gave me the feeling of being valued. Should you ever read this….my thanks to you all. You are wonderful people. Seems the buildings are now crumbling….they did their job..and we enjoyed them..and now maybe the buildings too could do with a bit of a rest.

#7FrankOctober 29, 2014, 10:01 pm

just looking at the pictures rekindle fond memories of a place that I worked in with such nice people. It was not until I left in 1998 that I realised how wonderful a time I had there and felt lonesome for some afterwards. Where has the time gone ans what a price for progress.

Frank Murphy

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