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Author Axle - Last updated: 08.09.2013

Having not gotten enough of the city in the first place, I returned to Chicago for a quick ‘long weekend’ with my partner. The Merchandise Mart (or simply Merch Mart), opened in 1930, it was the largest building in the world with 4,000,000 square feet (372,000 m2) of floor space. The Merch Mart centralized Chicago’s wholesale goods business by consolidating architectural and interior design vendors and trades under a single roof.



While it’s perfectly legal to be inside the building, it wasn’t the legal areas we were after (although we did browse some high end show rooms). Our target was of course the roof, but to get to the roof we had to get past the 17th and 18th floors. These floors are currently under construction for news offices for Motorola and Google.



We sadly weren’t equipped to infiltrate a construction zone, and we even were spotted poking our head through the door on the 18th floor. So we settled for a small ledge on the 16th that offered some sweeping views of the city.












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Oh man, It’s been a while since I checked in here – time sure flies.

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Long time no see!
I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you guys.

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