The ProHobo Tour 2012 (Belgium/Germany) Day 1

Author Critical Mass - Last updated: 10.05.2012

No guides on this trip until the last day so after a good few weeks prep and emails back and forth to contacts from Belgium (you know who you are guys) we were ready to hit the road. Myself, Oldskool and Host were flying into Charleroi, picking up a car and then hitting the locations, or so we thought. Oldskool waas given the job of booking the car from the airport, which give him his dues, he completed the task in hand…….just at the wrong feckin airport!!



So it was a 70km coach/train journey to get the car and eventually get this show on the road. So with a slight deviation to the route/plans we headed to the first location

Le Crypte

Tucked away underneath the cemetery the only obstacle is the guard at the gate, no photographs are allowed so if he saw us rack up with all our gear and tripods we would surely have been turfed out, but we’re too smart for that!!


Once passed the guard it was a pretty relaxed explore and a crackin start to the tour! It’s not a massive site and you could be guilty of just shooting the same shot just in a different corridor.



Le Crypte by Critical Mass ( Back from missions ), on Flickr



Here lies……. by Critical Mass ( Back from missions ), on Flickr


We had our big sites lined up, the must see’s at all cost, but needed some inbetweeners to fill in the road trip. The next place was a little disappointing, the upstairs was totally fire damaged and downstairs had been totally trashed. I’m sure it was a pretty cool location in it’s day but we were just too late on this one


This is how it was described on trip advisor.
La Cité du Dragon is housed in an imposing building and has a spectacular totally over-the-top garden with large terrasses, lots of fountains, an overabundance of Chinese sculptures, a Chinese bridge, …Under the glass tiles inside the restaurant huge koi fishes are swimming restlessly. The dining room of the restaurant is so big it detracts from the atmosphere.



Against The Odds by Critical Mass ( Back from missions ), on Flickr



Charred Remains by Critical Mass ( Back from missions ), on Flickr

As we were headed to the "dragon" we found ourselves heading past a location that Oldskool had done on a previous visit so we stopped off for 20 mins as it’s only a small dwelling, despite it’s name.

The Tree Mansion

I have no info on this place aside the fact it looked like a little farm house/cottage where the occupants had just got up and left. A little eerie if I’m honest and i half expected the family to come walzing back in……in a Goldilocks and the 3 bears stylee



Empty Seats (Explored@14) by Critical Mass ( Back from missions ), on Flickr



Sleep Alone by Critical Mass ( Back from missions ), on Flickr

Well that was day 1, was always going to be a struggle as it was the day we landed and the car debacle didn’t help but glad we managed to bag 3 locations with relative ease. Was getting late now so had a quick recce of tomorrows first location then went to find the pub. Sleeping in the car would be far easier with a couple of beers inside me



#1oldskoolMay 13, 2012, 10:53 pm

oppsss well no one told me we wernt flying to brussels

    #2sophos9May 14, 2012, 10:07 pm

    hahaha…. funniest ever!!! Great view of these places

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