l)()WN Family Farmhouse

Author jerm_IX - Last updated: 08.02.2013

A little over a week after our first visit, I returned to this farm with three other eager urban explorers. Less than five minutes after our arrival, the farmer, a descendant of the deceased l)()WN family members, pulled up in a tractor with a bail of hay. He was less than happy with our presence inside the home and voiced his displeasure vehemently and at length before asking us, or rather allowing us, to leave.

Furthermore, via online correspondence, another relative voiced his displeasure with the original version of this post.

With that said, out of respect, this post was removed from my blog for a one year period. Upon reposting it, the text used was modified so as not to appear in basic search engine queries of the family name. Also, exterior photos were excluded from the post. I will never share any specific location information, nor will I ever return to the property.

Definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Click the link below to check out all eightysome images and an extensive write-up…


Here is a sample of a few of some of the most interesting shots, way too many to choose…


Toy cars by jerm IX, on Flickr


Stevenson & Co. Square Grand by jerm IX, on Flickr


Family portrait by jerm IX, on Flickr


Certificate of Marriage – March 27, 1918 by jerm IX, on Flickr


Fox stole by jerm IX, on Flickr


Picking up an old guitar, strumming its surviving strings, only to have one snap. Approaching an old steam trunk and opening it, only to have it cave in on itself and collapse its interior ceiling. by jerm IX, on Flickr


Fred l)()WN’s first car by jerm IX, on Flickr


Negative by jerm IX, on Flickr


Negative inverted by jerm IX, on Flickr

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#1kriegaffe 9February 8, 2013, 6:12 pm

awesome images and nice little story too.

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