Chateau S

Author gigi - Last updated: 29.01.2013

Bloody loved it here! Even though it is a 3 floored huge mansion, unfortunately only a few rooms have any features/furniture. But the features it does have really stand out.
I have tried endlessly to find information on this place, people say that to protect the location but I am genuinely interested in what this place was all about, what happened, who lived here e.t.c
I had a bit of "situation" here, sure a lot of us have needed to go to the loo on a road trip… Probably have some stories to tell too!


But I’ll leave it out on this report, just enjoy the pictures haha.
P.S The first image I used a 24mm tilt shift lens, it’s a portrait panoramic hence being a bit more square than usual. A massive TIF file of 250mb, I look forward to printing it!!












#1BibendumJanuary 29, 2013, 8:06 pm

Great place, non? This is the only info I found about it:

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Sad place. Why was everything left there, espescially the personal things from the kids? I don’t find no informations bout that one:

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