Exploring an Industrial Mill

Author sophos9 - Last updated: 07.08.2009

The Nikon D300 and Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 were busy today – I was going on an urbex shoot, some derelict places were waiting for me however my car and its exhaust had a different and expensive plan. After getting that sorted, I headed back to a place I had shot before, I like redux urbex with different camera gear, the last time I was at this site I was shooting a D40 with stock 18-55mm lens – it was awesome then, hopefully after asylums etc, it would not lose it sparkle

The site has started to be demolished with plans for conversion into housing, last thing I heard was that the buying group had gone bankrupt, such a shame! There are some other business close by, they saw me exploring but were not bothered with me which was cool. The buildings are split into two sections, both very very easily accessible.

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Climbed up the ladder into this room

The ladder went straight into this room, the connecting building was probably an office and customer desk, its slightly modernised

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Derelict office block

There were lots of documents left here, schematic drawings, company register, customer orders dating back to 1958 – was cool to look over the old records

Ebridge Mills - Redux

A book of spells left by the witches

Going up! Time to check out the top floor, nothing much of interest here apart from cool lifting devices built into the ceiling

Ebridge Mills - Redux

What madness lurks above?

Walking around was tricky business – lots of holes have been cut into the flooring – some operational benefit I’m sure, not so cool for the urban explorer

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Wooden beams will outlive this abandonment

Ebridge Mills - Redux

The writing on the door made me laugh

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Holes in the floor - 3 stories of drop beneath

That was it for building one, out and into the actual mill now. The mill has declined rapidly since my last visit – the entire structure is twisting, window frames have been pushed out under the pressure and large cracks are appearing. Despite this, the character is still there. I noticed lots of cryptic writings on the beams – I wonder what they mean?

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Mind the gaps please

In the mill, there are 6 stories – again holes are you enemies along with rotting floorboards. For those who enter this place, you will bear witness to a place where my foot went through the floor – this was entertaining, strange this was all I thought about was a broken camera, I must check for insurance

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Industrial architecture is still in place

I love seeing original fittings and working out what they were used for, this entire mill was connected to a single backbone powered originally by water, then steam and finally electric. These hoppers were part of the process.

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Electric consumption of a small village

What a find, this motor was huge – no wonder it was left, no change of getting it out! This looks like one of the main power sources for the manual stuff in the mill. Wonder if it still works?

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Nooses hanging from the ceiling

Lots of strange things hanging around, many nooses are left all over the place – I can only hope that there was some industrial reason for their existence and not some murky dark reason

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Employees rest bench perhaps?

I can picture on the employees resting on these steps whilst undoing their lunch box, peaceful really. I hope that a former mill employee reads this, they may remember what went on in this room

Ebridge Mills - Redux

The hub of the operation

So this is the hub of the flagship operation – in its time it was probably sophisticated. Now, its derelict switches that will not see life again

Ebridge Mills - Redux

The devils tool kit

This orga type tool is pure evil, made me shudder when I saw it and expected to see fleshy chunks of humans that had been fed through. No luck this time, only the odd dead pigeon. Would love to know what this kit done?

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Belt drive - backbone of the mill

The wooden architecture is amazing, its colours and texture are fantastic. I could imagine renovating this place and making it into a home, pretty impossible but still…

Ebridge Mills - Redux

No attention anymore

I could not find the green button, if I would have I would have pushed it – I wonder, maybe some fragment from times past would have greeted me? The slate roof has caved in and the structure is suffering in this part of the building.

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Derelict mill stands tall

Ebridge Mills - Redux

Who took that bite?

and that was it, my time in this abandoned mill was over – some photos on the way out. For any explorer reading this, I left a surprise in the first floor of the main building – find it and post it here


Hope you have enjoyed the tour



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