Ohio State Reformatory

Author Dpedraza - Last updated: 25.12.2013

The Ohio State Reformatory I’ve been about an hour away from this place my entire life. My grandma has driven us past this place quite a few times, but I have never been in the place. The facility offers self guided tours of pretty much the entire facility so I decided I’d finally swing by and take a peek.

The facility is well known in the state of Ohio where I live and is said to be haunted. I didn’t find anything really creepy about the building as a whole. It was actually fascinating with all the rust and peeling paint. I’m not sure if any of you believe in the paranormal, but I did have two strange experiences when I went into both shower areas. The east block when I was setting up to take a photo it sounded like someone threw a rock from the back of the shower when I was the only person in the area. The west block shower it sounded like someone hit the boards that were laying by the wall and once again i was the only one in the area. Paranormal?! Who knows I’m not saying either way it was fun though.

The prison’s claim to fame is that the Shawshank redemption was shot there also the east cell block is largest free standing steel cell block in the world.

All photos were shot hand held some at higher ISO. I didn’t want to pay $150 to take my tripod, but I will def be doing that next year when they do the tours again. I’d also like to go to Trans Allegheny Asylum




light blue by dpedraza15, on Flickr



Untitled by dpedraza15, on Flickr



crossing paths by dpedraza15, on Flickr



get in your bunk by dpedraza15, on Flickr



the only way out by dpedraza15, on Flickr



caution by dpedraza15, on Flickr



solitary by dpedraza15, on Flickr

I have a ton more images on my computer some aren’t processed some are. These are lightly processed through LR4. I might upload more later on in time.


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