Frasers Gunnery Range – Portsmouth

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Any iconic part of the Portsmouth coastline, and something I have had my eyes on now for some time. Fraser Gunnery Range is a former shore establishment for the Royal Navy, which closed during the 1980s. It was later used for radar research but has been derelict for some time.

The adjacent Fort Cumberland was also originally in use by the Royal Marine Artillery, but was vacated in 1971 and is now an archaelogical centre, and very much a live site.

The buildings and beach are currently owned by QinetQ, and though the latter has always been used by the public it is actually private; there are plans by the local community to have it registered and preserved as a public area. The beach in front of the site is used as a nudist beach and shall we say.. for certain other adult activities also..



The tower is the main feature for this one, its accessible, I just have the head for heights…


These appear to have been part of the original firing range.. you can still find bits of bullet heads laying around..


The oldest building on the site, and the only one worth looking at (the others all appear to be 1980′s style office buildings that have been gutted and trashed anyway….)


Another view of the main tower


Love a bit or rot


Some nice machinery


Sound proofed room


The Red Room…


The Blue Room…


Looks like some kind of teaching took place in here…


More paint porn…



And a couple of sunset pics to end it off…

First post around here, feedback always welcome!


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