Danish radar station – The secret of the forest.

Author thndrjw - Last updated: 12.02.2013

Built in 1954, with radar dishes bought from England, this radar station among others were built to keep watch with the russians and other threats to mankind.


It was in service to late 2010, where the dishes was removed and in 2011 the site officially shut down, relocating all personnel and then just left in the woods.





The danish military defense still have a contract over the area though, so the buildings still have power and the alarms still work (we found out the hard way on a second visit, apparently the tower with the windows is alarmed from the inside, heh. If i didn’t know i could run before that day, i know now


) and there are cameras around the compund.



There are also still signs around saying that the area is guarded by an armed guard, which is a blatant lie though. There were no people around at all, and even though we spent a good few hours and know the cameras had spotted us, no one showed up.



The radar station was a very exciting visit, and it won’t be the last time we’ve visited it. The view from the top of the towers is absolutely stunning and there is a very relaxing and calming feeling of being 30 meters (100 ft) above ground with nothing but a beautiful view and nice weather.

Some shots of the view from the top.




Feel free to view the rest of the set here – https://picasaweb.google.com/1085112813 … emmelighed


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