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Author theboatman - Last updated: 18.11.2012

Earlier this year I look a road trip around the north of Scotland. I indulged in a fair bit of photography and got to experience the wild Scottish weather. Apart from the great natural scenery and the remote wildness of it all it soon became apparent that there’s absolutely loads and loads of abandoned buildings out there. There’s loads of small farmhouses and abandoned cottages, some of which are just pure ruins and some still fully intact and full of personal artefacts. Access is usually pretty easy in these places due to the Scottish "right to roam" laws which effectively removes the issue of trespass, and there’s often nobody around for miles.

I guess this is more Rural Exploration than Urban Exploration but it was a great trip and there was stuff to see every few miles or so. I didn’t go to any of the bigger Scottish locations but the whole trip was most enjoyable and highly recommended.

1. Hermits View


2.Crofters Cottage


3. Church Ruin


4. Hotel room with a view




6. Play it again


7. Play it again II


8. The days of WD


9. Out House


10. Isolated Croft


11. Octagonal tower


12. Ruined Church


13. Ruined croft


14. The fern room


15. Water ingress is a possibility


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