Euro Tour #3

Author Muddy Funkster - Last updated: 27.07.2017

Back at the beginning of October, the usual gang of DNZ, MDE and me all headed back across the channel for 3 days of locations in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. With an ambitious 12 locations on our list we ended up doing just 7 of them but had another truly amazing time. Pictures in the order we visited the locations.

Vehicle graveyard in Belgium.


Undergrowth covered all the vehicles there.


Inside one of the trucks.


An abandoned mill / farm house out in the Luxembourg countryside.


A cobwebbed window in a barn attached to the mill.


The amazing kitchen in the mill.


Detail on the walls of the mill.


Some of the heavy and vintage industrial machinery at Powerplant X


One end of the large machine hall at Powerplant X.


The exterior of the powerplant. MDE and DNZ walk away from camera along an old tram road.


Terres Rouge steel mill – upper floor


Lower floor.


View of Terres Rouge through the smashed windows of the on-site powerplant.


View of Central Thermique, our next destination through the smashed windows of Terres Rouge.


One of the many views at Central Thermique.


The obvious shot at Central Thermique. I dare anyone to go and not take it



Basement stairs at Central Thermique.


Out building tower at a crumbling chateau in France.


Beautiful stairs at Bureau Central, our last location and one that did not disappoint.


The stunning and very derelict atrium trading floor.


The view straight up through the shattered atrium.


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