Lexington Mall / The New Theater

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This is the demolition site of the “Lexington Mall” which is basically just 2 blocks of a bunch of businesses. A lot of the buildings used to be cool stuff way back in the day. It eventually just became cheap clothing stores. This particular building we explored used to be “The New Theater” which opened almost 100 years ago by now.

They have demolished most of the buildings but there is a giant hole on the side of the (former) theater. We climbed up the rubble over bricks, cinder blocks, and these rusty metal mesh stuff and into the building. As I was walking across the floor there was a giant dip in the middle. Not really thinking too much I walked across it. As soon as you step on it you sink way down. I realized that there was no floor under that and the tension of the carpet was really the only thing holding you from falling down 15ft into the basement. I explored around the area that used to have the seats. Seems like it was used mainly as storage for the inventory. As you walk in the back and climb to the top we found a very steep set of stairs that led up to the top. Once inside we realized it was the old projector room. Because of how hard it was to get to no one had gone up there and cleaned it up much. There were old projectors and some cases where film would go but no actual film reels left. It also had some sketchy scaffolding and little wooded walkways but I was not trying to fall through the ceiling of this place so I skipped those. I took these pictures at high ISO with my fisheye lens because I was too lazy to use the tripod and this place isn’t very photogenic but I figured it was at least worth some fisheye shots. An unfortunate incident happened here last Saturday. My friend came back here to take more pictures by himself and ran into 2 other guys who were salvaging who knows what that was left behind. Someone had spotted them at some point and called the police. Police came and arrested the 2 guys stealing as they were loading things into their car. My friend made it down to the street and a block away but some police came running after him and got him anyway. All of them ended up spending 14 hours in Central Booking just for trespassing. The main lesson they learned is never get caught at night since they hold you until the next day when the system starts working the next morning. Luckily I was off eating tacos while that happened…



2. Stewart’s was an old department store…






5. This would be where the theater seats would be, notice the stadium seating…


6. Puffer coats, now 100% off…


7. Old press used to make all the sale signs…






10. There were tons of these here. If this place was easier to get into I would have lined them all up like an army…






13. Projector room…


14. One of my favorite fisheye pictures ever…








18. Here is a picture I took years ago when this building was still N.Y. Fashions. Look right above the Nissan, you can see it says New on the wall as in New Theater…


19. While exploring The Mayfair Theater up the street I found these tickets for The New Theater inside. I believed the same people owned those 2 theaters…


http://www.flickr.com/photos/forgottenp … 582795188/

If you want to read about The New Theater check these out…



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