The Holiday Village, UK/Ireland

Author Shane Walsh Photo - Last updated: 17.07.2012

We ended up visiting this place by accident after we didn’t notice the turn off for our destination so anyway we ended up in the UK (Northern Ireland) and decided to take a trip out to Tain Holiday Village and it was great fun. About 1 hour into our journey we were messing about doing some horror style shots in the bar section of the main building and I heard voices which was odd.

So I then brushed it off and when we got outside we heard some glass breaking and so banging and then we knew somebody was lurking around either following us or trying to hide. So we continued on and walked around the complex again to see who it was or what it was and when we were about to go into one of the building someone whistled and it turned out it was 2 other explorers which we know who were equally freaked out as they kept hearing voices and noises also hahahaha. What were the chances or running into people you know who live miles away from each other in two different countries so to speak.

Anyway the place was pretty cool and had shut in 2010 due to reasons unknown. Much of the stuff is still in place and its fairly trashed and had all of the copper taken. It was like mini Chernoybl with all the playground stuff grown over and it was very eerie. At the end of the explore I was walking around the corner and there was a boy of about 13 – 14 years old standing there in the middle of the complex and he looked at me and I waved to say hello, he then turned the corner and literally 10 seconds after I walked to where he was he vanished without a trace.

In the staff room in one of the buildings there was pictures and messages left to people who had died on the lake over the years so wonder if it is related hahahahaha.

























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#1Urban cloMay 4, 2015, 6:06 pm

Went here today I have been waitin to go as ages, was driving past today when I thought I would have a look the outside of the building as I had no plans of going in. But ended up running into the security post guy aaron and his friend they let us have a look around/ practically giving us a whole tour! It was amazing, such lovely people. Really had a dream come true
Was amazing learnt so much more history of the place I had never discoverd before. Sadly though some menaces have burnt half of the place down, including the ball pit.

I recommend anyone looking to go should go soon or it will all be gone

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