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Author sophos9 - Last updated: 27.07.2009

Whilst industrial urbex is awesome – I really love derelict hospitals and asylums so on the same day that I went on an urban exploration mission to Ditchingham Maltings, I also went back to Project Eden to take some more shots.

This place is awesome, its a large site spread over multiple buildings – this time was the best, despite leaving the camera tripod attachment at home, I managed to get some good shots – I will be going back for the grand finale with full kit for some more adventurous photography – some of the areas are pitch black, rooms are rotting and decaying, I really had to do a sanity check when I explored the cellars. Next time you watch a horror film and you see the person going into the cellar, its really easy to ask why the dude is so thick – you know he should be giving it legs through the nearest exit. I know however that once you are there, you really must know whats in there…

This is the waiting/comfort room in whats labeled as the morgue – expect more photos of the actual morgue room

Morgue waiting room - no expense spared

Morgue waiting room - no expense spared

A rest room is still intact – rare in an abandoned asylum…

Asylum bathroom

Asylum bathroom

Another medical room which is derelict – the remains of some medical instrument is still attached to the wall

Remains of medical equipment on the wall

Remains of medical equipment on the wall

Hydrotherapy shower room – how many patients went insane here?

Insanity shower room

Insanity shower room

A once grand stair case leads the way up to horrors that you can’t imagine. The smell here is overbearing, the stench of insanity

Stairway to hell...

Stairway to hell...

The hallway descends into darkness and decay – light is no more and the stench of rot is horrific. A torch and headset is your only hope

Project Eden - Mental Asylum Revisited

Hallway to the cellar, I must be insane

The stairway was once grand, the detailed period coving has fallen – much like the entire asylum

Project Eden - Mental Asylum Revisited

Derelict Staircase

A green growth of something that smells like insanity is growing on the floor, the floors are not safe here – they are rotten and soft, danger lurks around every explorers corner

Project Eden - Mental Asylum Revisited

Evil growth on the floor

The sun bursts through the broken windows, the dust in the asylum is thick – sun beams lead you into a false sense of hope – before the clouds turn dark and your exit point is longer there… you are trapped in the asylum as darkness falls

Project Eden - Mental Asylum Revisited

Sun beams - hope in the darkness

When in this room, I felt saddened – the architecture at one time was amazing, not is decayed and abandoned – these photos once again show its true form

Project Eden - Mental Asylum Revisited

Sadness in decay

Pitch black in the belly of the asylum – only a torch and headset as my weapon against the darkness. The boardroom was once a luxury room, wooden clad with awesome detailing – now everything grows a layer of mould

Project Eden - Mental Asylum Revisited

The Boardroom - Meeting in Progress

The grand hallway is falling in decay, floors are soft under foot and the perfect art of this building is failing…

Project Eden - Mental Asylum Revisited

Failing Asylum, life draws to an end

There will be more pictures, these are but a few that I wish to document to demise of such a great place – I look to complete the set, the entire showcase to show you what lives inside Project Eden….



#1johnAugust 3, 2009, 9:36 pm

I’ve never thought of seeking out old buildings for the purpose of photographing them but having seen this website my mind is well and truly changed.

Your images are without exception, amazing!

Well done.

    #2sophos9August 3, 2009, 9:43 pm

    John, Hi

    Thanks for your comments – I checked your site, your work is excellent :)

    Glad to have helped – Urban Exploration is awesome!

#3James HarrisonMay 19, 2010, 6:46 pm

As already mentioned, the quality (and artistic ability) of/in the photo’s is amazing.

    #4sophos9May 23, 2010, 11:03 am

    Thanks for the compliments, glad you like the images :)

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