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BOCM Pauls Industrial Urbex

So this was a lone shoot of a abandoned derelict industrial plant in the middle of nowhere. The plant closed in 1996 and since then has remained derelict, its suffered from urban decay such as tagging, fires and vandalism however the worst aspect was to find junkies needlesand crack spoons lying all over the floor – not nice however expected in these types of places.

The site was amazing, lots of good angles and inside the main plant, lots of great verticals to get some awesome shots.

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

Six stories up, I nearly ended up in the bottom of a silo

I had a really bad experience in this shoot – the floor gave way to reveal a six story drop into a silo – I was left clinging to a wall – like a good explorer I still got the shot I was after!

As a typical industrial site, the units clearly visible was an office block, the main manufacturing plant, various large storage departments, engineering and staff quarters.

BOCM Pauls, site falls to decay

Back end of BOCM Industrial Urbex

This view was from the back end of the site, overlooking the large silo hoppers and manufacturing plant.

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

Staff Quarters

To the left of me there was a staff room which has been completely ripped apart from vandals – the oil heater still remains along with a drinks machine. The buildings are large and tall, the photo does not provide the feel of the height.

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

Inside the derelict plant

The derelict plant was a complete mixture of automated machinery, control panels and obscured angle. There was also a large control room which I guess ran the automated machinery. BOCM Pauls is the largest animal feed company in the UK – this operation was scaled to deal with that

Automation ran by this controller

Automation ran by this controller

This was part of the control room, industrial control panels is an industrial urban explorers dream 🙂

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

Nooses hanging from the plant roof

I’m not sure what was going on here but it gave me the creeps, everywhere you looked, you could see nooses hanging from around the plant. I’ve seen this in other industrial explores however have never understood it – do you know?

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

Silos are always cool

Silos and chutes and containers and bulk stuff, its all good – there were loads of silos and containers on this site. All in good condition! Lots of old machinery is still on site, so much investment must have been put into this plant and now it stands ruined, abandoned an derelict – such a shame

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

Junkie on the roof - trying to scare me!

Junkies were all over this site, needles and crack spoons were all over the main plant. Junkies were on the roof banging and running around the outside of the plant, banging the walls – was scared for a while so found a piece of machinery and hid out for a while, they soon got bored and went to another part of the site

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

Needles, how to stick a junkie

I think the junkies were OK that I was there to shoot the place not steal their gear… Although I did move a back which contained lots of clean sharps, syringes and spoons

Time ran out for this decaying mill

Time ran out for this decaying mill

Time ran out here, the plant will operate no more. Not sure what will happen to it next?

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

Office blocks have been destroyed

The office blocks have pretty much been destroyed by urban decay, everything is smashed and broken

BOCM Pauls, Derelict Mill - Urban Exploration

The route home

And thats was it, I was done and heading home – the junkies could find their quiet places to jack out and get high whilst I was processing photos – industrial urban exploration is cool!

Brought to you by:

sophos9, sharing shoots with junkies to bring it straight to you


#1Bas van DuijnAugust 11, 2009, 3:46 pm

Great story and pics! The UK must be a blast fo explorers!

    #2sophos9August 11, 2009, 11:39 pm

    Thanks 🙂

    The UK is under change, much gets forgotten – this is to our luck!

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