The House Of Escher (BE)

Author Critical Mass - Last updated: 18.07.2012

A former coal washing facility that was built with the help of the Marshall Plan in 1954. It was built for the demand of the coal industry to process the coal coming from the mines of Péronnes, Ressaix and Trivières. It was capable processing over 3,000 tons of coal daily. In 1969 the nearby coal mines in Saint-Albert and Sint-Margriete were closed, which caused Triage-Lavoir to become useless, and it was closed down after only 15 years of active operation. Immediately after closing the facility, all the machines and equipments were removed and the facility stayed abandoned for over 3 decades.

The building was under threat of demolition in 2000 but on May 15, 2003, it was classified as a monument to be saved.

From the outside it could be mistaken for a brand new office block and we had to double check to see if it was actually the place, because the from the inside (apart from the windows, which were epic ) we could have been in anywhere but an office block.
Littered with dust and wooden beams, stairs going off in all directions and 2 massive circular vat type structures it really was a "Hide and Seek" champions dream.
Visited with Oldskool and Host



CircleSquare by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr



A Fireman’s Nightmare by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr



The Maze (Explored@10) by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr



ShadowLands by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr



"No Future"? by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr

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