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One of ze Germans was visiting for a weekend and wanted to check out the legend before anything horrible happens to it, so I got a crack team of elite infiltrationaries together and headed off into the unknown.

Thanks to Muddy and Subversive for making the trip with us. I haven’t been in a couple of years and really didn’t want to be responsible for showing someone who literally couldn’t make a return visit if I fucked up and couldn’t find something important. Jrejroire, it was great to meet you mate!

Only my second visit, and I got to see parts in person we missed before. All my personal boxes now ticked. Return visits will be purely to troll security.


Synthesize by jamescharlick, on Flickr

We started in Cell 3, spending a fair amount of time hiding from noises above us. I’m sure it was just the pigeons on those walkie talkies, but you never know.


The Jaws by jamescharlick, on Flickr

Then it was over to Cell 4, where I believe most people get caught these days. I would have left it until last for that very reason, but we were literally next door already so we just went for it.

Security, it turns out, has learned a new trick: Climb into a part of the building that’s hard to spot to sit and listen for explorers give themselves away with chatter and banging around. Well we spotted you mate. They don’t call it a high visibility vest for nothing


Unfortunately we were split into two pairs. We quickly semaphored to Subversive and Jrej up in the rafters to shut up and get out of sight then climbed into the dark to hide.

10 minutes later we started hearing people moving around. Another five minutes passed and I received a text. "Where are you, we can’t find you?" I guess we were hiding from ourselves. Like pros.

In all the excitement I bust my tripod. Double win.

So I missed out on photographing Cells 1 & 2 after discovering that my hands weren’t steady enough for 30 second exposures whilst waving a torch around (who knew?), but got my camera out again for some handhelds in the power station building.


A Control Room In Miniature by jamescharlick, on Flickr

We missed the control room last time, but it was high on my list after seeing images since and when I found it I had to wonder how we ever missed it two years ago.

Then again two years ago we hid from secca in Cell 1 and never realised where we were, so yeah, not exactly on the ball back then


Finally the least photographed yet one of my favorite minor features of the site. A Yelephone™.


Code Yellow by jamescharlick, on Flickr

Then it was time to head back over the fence. We were tempted to flag secca down for a lift to the gates, but that would put us at exactly the wrong side of the site and I decided it was less effort in the long run to just climb back over.

So we unpacked the trampoline once more. Job’s a good’n.


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May 2013, visited with LarzzA very hot early summer’s day; somewhere in the industrial depths of Belgium. The furnace towers above us as we stake out the gate and notice way too much activity! This won’t be an easy task… We decide to check the back o…

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A small nice waterwork

Rudersdof Chemiewerks

Rudersdof Chemiewerks(0)

The abandoned chemical factory of Rüdersdorf (actually in Tasdorf) was once part of VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, responsible mainly for the production of the animal feed Rükana and other phosphates used for farming.
It started life in 1899 as a cement factory operated by C.O.Wegener, which allegedly made the cement in “an ultra-modern yet highly dangerous” kiln oven. The huge Preußag concern (now the TUI travel agent) took over in 1939, producing bauxite vital for the Nazis’ war effort from 1944.
The Russians dismantled the plant after the war, but it found a new lease of life in 1950 when the VEB Glühphosphatwerk Rüdersdorf was formed to make the afore-mentioned phosphates. Two more kilns were added in 1972, and the factory came under control of the Piesteritz-based VEB Kombinat Agrochemie (agrochemicals) at the end of the 1970s.
German reunification spelled the end for VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, however, as it did for so many East German enterprises, with dwindling sales and dodgy dealings from investors preceding the inevitable. The factory made its last pig’s dinner before the gates were permanently closed in 1999.
Not much in the way of detail inside any of the buildings but externally it was pretty cool and the sunset helped.









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