My first bit of digital art

Author Muddy Funkster - Last updated: 30.07.2012

Spent the weekend converting another of my Cell 3 Pyestock brackets into a bit of digital art. Seen Dave, Odins, Noro8 and few others doing such awesome work with these locations that I thought I’d have a go myself.
About 10 hours work in total and features the dedicated modelling skills of TU’s very own MDE1970. Chuffed with the result except the signage and lights on the back wall, I’ll redo that bit at some point. This will be part of a series of images showcasing Pye locations as a training facility for people with super human powers. Bit of fun anyway!


Next up will be an image called ‘Combat Training’ or ‘Containment Breach’ – watch this space.


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Nice decay in here:

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Was so unbelievable hot at this special day…



A nice factory:

Centrale Thermique

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We had driven from Hospital Diablo to Chateau Lumiere on little sleep before arriving in Luxembourg to shoot the well known Centrale Thermique power station.

Peat Works

Peat Works(0)

In a previous report from 2009 I found that this site was originally Fison’s Peat Works and was then taken over by Levingtons followed by Scotts and the site closed down in 2001.

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