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May 2013, visited with Larzz

A very hot early summer’s day; somewhere in the industrial depths of Belgium. The furnace towers above us as we stake out the gate and notice way too much activity! This won’t be an easy task…

We decide to check the back of the site, but that means we’ll have to cover a lot of distance before reaching the furnace. If we’ll make at all! While going over the wall Larzz twists his ankle and I hold my breath as he sucks it up and assures me he’s okay. Not a great start! We make our way towards the nearest building to get a good view of the site from higher ground. We spot a brand new fence with even newer razor wire. More bad luck!

As we creep closer toward the hart of the site the noises get louder and more distinct. So far we haven’t spotted anybody. It’s now noon and it’s really hot carrying all that gear around so we decide to take a break and grab some lunch before pushing through the final stage.

A sandwich and some more sprints from cover to cover later we finally made it inside the big furnace. It’s the first time inside one of this metallurgy beasts and the view is pretty overwhelming.

The POV helmet cam footage is a summary of our ‘hike’ which lasted over 4 hours before reaching our objective.

Many thanks to Larzz for letting me use his action cam footage for the overlays

Despite the fact I only took one photograph; this will undoubtedly be one of our most rewarding explores ever just because of the fun we had getting inside.


UrbEx – HF B by InfernoFS, on Flickr

Like many of the AM sites in this part of Belgium, this one has a history of social upheaval as the company shuts down and restarts the site several times. The end of this story is as predictable as the furnace is high, this site will eventually be shut down for ever; making way for more cost efficient installations elsewhere in the world.

Thanks for reading!


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Seacliff Diesel and Auto(0)

Hey Team! Been a couple months, but I found my first decent urbex location down under today.

Plastic factory

Plastic factory(0)

Nothing special, but there are a few nice corners:

Small waterwork

Small waterwork(0)

A small nice waterwork

Rudersdof Chemiewerks

Rudersdof Chemiewerks(0)

The abandoned chemical factory of Rüdersdorf (actually in Tasdorf) was once part of VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, responsible mainly for the production of the animal feed Rükana and other phosphates used for farming.
It started life in 1899 as a cement factory operated by C.O.Wegener, which allegedly made the cement in “an ultra-modern yet highly dangerous” kiln oven. The huge Preußag concern (now the TUI travel agent) took over in 1939, producing bauxite vital for the Nazis’ war effort from 1944.
The Russians dismantled the plant after the war, but it found a new lease of life in 1950 when the VEB Glühphosphatwerk Rüdersdorf was formed to make the afore-mentioned phosphates. Two more kilns were added in 1972, and the factory came under control of the Piesteritz-based VEB Kombinat Agrochemie (agrochemicals) at the end of the 1970s.
German reunification spelled the end for VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, however, as it did for so many East German enterprises, with dwindling sales and dodgy dealings from investors preceding the inevitable. The factory made its last pig’s dinner before the gates were permanently closed in 1999.
Not much in the way of detail inside any of the buildings but externally it was pretty cool and the sunset helped.









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