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Author Ratters - Last updated: 15.08.2012

Visited here back in April with TDotCom!! I don’t know if it’s just me but I do an explore, start editing & uploading them, do another explore then move onto editing that one…… The outcome is a load of half sets of explores on Flickr…….




Decided to quickly finish these off today & then get the report up.

I prefer explores in older places with lots of natural decay & items from times gone by. Places with some nice architecture or attractive features to see be them residential, industrial or hospitals. This place was neither of those but it was fairly local & passed a few hours on a Sunday



Sunshine & Showers At Factory VR by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


Blue & Grey by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


Playboy by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


Working Tea Break by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


Slide Away by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


Open | Shut by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


Photos Of What Was….. by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


Tea Break by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


Twists & Turns by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr

Got just a couple more to resize & upload!!



Last two uploads…..


Playboy by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr


No Missing Link by Lee|Ratters, on Flickr

Full Flickr set HERE


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[BEL] Ché to the rat

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One classical urbex place which won’t be missed – Cheratte Hasard

Lavoir du D.

Lavoir du D.(0)

A small rest of an abandoned factory

[CH] Ziegelhof Brauerie (Permission visit)

[CH] Ziegelhof Brauerie (Permission visit)(0)

We were fortunate enough to visit the Ziegelhof brewery in Liestal, Switzerland. With demolition and apartments planned for the site in the near future, these are probably the last photos to be taken of the buildings.

Battersea Power Station’s control rooms

Battersea Power Station’s control rooms(0)

With the imminent redevelopment of Battersea Power Station into apartments and entertainment plaza, there has been a rush of night time explores to see the stunning art deco control rooms and roof top views before it’s too late. Being the urbex tourist…

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