Europe October 2012

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Well i really do not know where to start, but i suppose its probably best starting at the beginning.

So myself, Anoxia, Flip and JAM3S UK thought it was about time we went to Europe, so with a few months of planning, which didn’t help one little bit we were off to Derby to meet at his humble abode, pack the car and then we were finally on our way, i had been like a small child at christmas for many months as i was looking forward to this trip far too much.

After a 4 hour journey down to dover which consisted of far to many "chezzy reds", angry middle aged male drivers and really appalling music we were in Dover with an hour to spare, so we chowed down Burger King and James tried to force a "chezzy red" down me every 5 minutes which really wasn’t very pleasant, give me a Marlboro anyday.



So we boarded the ferry and did the usual derping about and generally just being bored, we arrived in to Calais as the sun stetted, after getting off the ferry and getting to Carrefour, stocking up on supplies and me getting lost round carrefour, it was time to soldier on and get to Belgium.

So after a good 3 hour drive and James making various stops Cecemel (stupidly good chocolate milkshake) we finally found a rest stop just half an hour away from our first location and attempted to get out heads down or the evening which really didn’t happen, a Ford fiesta does not sleep 4 men well, thats all’s I’m saying.

6am seem to take a lifetime to come round, it was a cold and miserable friday morning, a few fags and a couple of cans of redbull we were on our way to our first location of the trip which was going to be Powerplant IM but after almost getting in and then seeing there were a fair few contractors working it was time to move on to our second location.

Our second location was SNCB train graveyard, which in my opinion was nothing to compared to what it used to be! they have made very good progress on stripping the trains there.



So we finished up there headed to lidl to buy breakfast and decided where to go from there, we decided on this swimming pool, would of been a pretty epic place in its day!





From there we headed to Liege, which was a good few hours drive, the time past quickly with myself driving and everyone else keeping me entertained, we found a youth hostel, say what you like but I’m defiantly not doing that pro hobo shit in the middle of october, so we emptied the car into the hotel room then it was off for one final derp of the day.

So we headed over to Hasard Cheratte which was the first of many coilerys as James literally bums them, access was entertaining as always, must say this place is trashed but it was worth a look round and the headstock had to be climbed!


We climbed this beast! it was ridiculously windy when we reached the top but was worth it for the view and to see the wheel.

This image was looking down onto the old building and headstock.



From there we headed to McDonald’s then back to the youth hostel to freshen up and drink copious amounts of Belgium beer.

So after a very good nights sleep and a cracking hangover, the car was packed up and we headed over to Brussels not much derping was done on this day, which was quite a waste, but we just get distracted easily i guess and time wasn’t on our side, but we did manage to visit the crypt, a place that i have wanted to see ever since i set eyes on it, it was so different to any explore i had ever done just due to what it is and where it is i guess but its probably one of my favourite locations to date, also i didnt realise the scale of this place, its pretty damn big!



Now it was time for another long journey to Essen in Germany where the good man Pierre was putting us up for the evening, so a quick stop at the supermarket for sausages for the smoker and plenty of beer.
must admit I’m not the best person driving at night as I’m practically blind, or could just do with glasses, kept the other guys on there toes and from falling asleep when going into them ridiculously tight junctions at 80mph, you guys who have driven across europe will know exactly what i mean, and with just about escaping death we finally arrived at Pierre’s.

I have forgot to mention that on this day it was Anoxia’s birthday, so when the other guys from the uk, Gone, ell Nick UK and Mortal Decay met us at pierre’s the brought copious amounts of Spumante and more sausage, so once again we were all shit faced and had a massive day of exploring ahead of us.

After being woken up by Mortal Decay shouting "lets go umbex probexers" and dragging myself out of my sleeping bag at some ungodly hour, we all jumped in the car and headed over to Zeche KP, it was a lovely morning but the fog was really thick, so the fist port of call was to climb the headstock, which isn’t cool when your petrified of heights like myself, which is a massive downfall in this game i think!

So the first port of call was to climb the massive headstock, we made are way up and when we got to the top we were greeted by this


the view across looking at the old headstocks and coilery was pretty cool also


So after making out way down it was time to go ans see the heart of Zeche KP, and after a very tight and amusing evterance we were in and faced with this




We must of spent a good hour in here, it truly a great piece of engineering, and some over the levers which controlled it still worked!

It was time to head to our next location after a quick stop for breakfast, so we headed to Zeche Blumenthal Haard.
Did the usual derping about and seeing the usual sites and headed right onto the roof on the top of the headstock the view was pretty damn good.


Then we shot all this on the way back down




Then there had to be a stupid crew shot


From there it was time to head back to Pierre’s get packed up and move on, so we headed for the biggest derp of the tour, as this location is properfucked but well work a look due to the scale of the place, so we arrived at Thyssenkrupp Sinteranlage what i do know is that they Produced a fine grained and dense metallic solid from the application of heat and extreme pressure to metal powder.




And i apologise for the terrible processing on this crew shot.


It was late by the time we finished derping about here, so a trip to the nearest mcdonalds was in order, where we felt very out of place, in this particular part of germany it seemed that everyone dresses up and goes to mcdonalds on a sunday evening, then there was us typical 4 brits sat in the middle of all these well dressed germans, and we were absolutely filthy! From there we headed back to Liege to the youth hostel for another good nights sleep.

Monday morning came round quickly, and after the appalling continental breakfast we headed to Brussels to have a look at the Atomium.


And then we headed over to Ypres to the Menin Gate the WW1 memorial before we had to catch the ferry home.



An hour or so’s drive back to Calais and we were on the ferry on the way home and we all very much had the holiday blues but i guess we were all ready for home, the drive back from dover to derby was a killer, i generally do not know how i managed to stay awake.

So thats my take on 5 days in europe, not to many locations covered to be honest but it has given me a taste of what the next trip will have to offer us, i am sorry for blabbing on so much but i wanted to cover our trip in as much detail as possible.

Big thanks to JAM3S UK for the locations, planning and doing most of the driving, and big thanks to Pierre and Becci for putting us up for a night and letting us be typical drunken brits in there lovely home!

Thanks for reading




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