Cremyll Fuel Oil Depot

Author SofaKing - Last updated: 21.11.2012

We visited this yesterday on our one day Cornish road trip. I can find very little about what this place was originally used for but the information I can gather from other sites, is that it was used for storing fuel. It was a nice relaxed explore (Thank god for public footpaths) meaning we could wonder about and see everything without the threat of security


Enjoy the photos

1 –


Cremyll 1 by Sofa-King Original, on Flickr

2 –


Cremyll 2 by Sofa-King Original, on Flickr

3 –


Cremyll 3 by Sofa-King Original, on Flickr

4 –


Cremyll 4 by Sofa-King Original, on Flickr

5 –


Cremyll 5 by Sofa-King Original, on Flickr

6 –


Krew by Sofa-King Original, on Flickr
Le crew


Oh we didn’t only do Urbex; we also rode this beast


Thanks for looking



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