Exploring Mid Wales County Asylum

Author Critical Mass - Last updated: 12.09.2010

Explored with Randy and D-Kay.
Well what started as an 1hrs drive to North Wales, which then turned into a 3.5hr drive ( After the wires had been uncrossed ) into the Welsh wilderness I finally met up with D-Kay and Randy for a top days mooch. Was a pretty relaxed explore after the run-in with Security?/Pikey?/Builder?….still don’t know what they were, but just knew they were rubbish at “Hide and Seek”
The middle of the grounds seemed to be all demolished leaving the Admin and the East and West wings.

Over to Wiki –
The Mid Wales Hospital was a psychiatric hospital in Talgarth, Wales. It opened in 1906 and was formerly known as the Brecon and Radnor Joint Asylum or Mid Wales Counties Mental Hospital. It is in echelon style (narrow arrow)and at its peak could serve 1,000 patients.[clarification needed] However, nearer the end of its life, in 1995, this had dwindled to 168. The site was also home to the Mid and West Wales College of Nursing and Midwifery and the Powys Drugs & Alcohol Council for substance misuse.
As part of its services the hospital provided treatments for the elderly mentally ill; rehabilitation and continuing care; occupational therapy; day care facility; psychology; reflexology; physiotherapy; electro-convulsive therapy; chiropody and psychiatry.

1 The wonderful facade that is Mid Wales Asylum. I took a straight on view but I wanted to include the chimney and water tower. Sadly the clocks have gone and the inclusion of the Heras fence give it a forbidden feel. It is slowly losing the battle against the elements and dereliction.


Admin by gazmather1973, on Flickr

2 Standing opposite the Asylum was this wonderful Chapel,which from the outside seems to be in great condition. It was just a pity it was sealed and we could not gain access


The Chapel by gazmather1973, on Flickr

3 I love the Main Halls in old hospitals, they seem such a grand affair with the arched high ceilings, plush red curtains and beams. Probably used for patient dances and entertainment. The damage done by removing the slate is so apparent on the right hand side.


Main Hall by gazmather1973, on Flickr

4 My favourite corridor from the whole explore. With the television, big booming doors and reflections from the water, it gave me a bit of a chill. i was waiting for someone to just pop their head around one of the doors.


Pick A Room by gazmather1973, on Flickr

5 Not an eye-capturing piece but I was drawn by the colour scheme of this room. Green tiles and pink cupboards…wonderful.


Talgarth Kitchen Nightmares by gazmather1973, on Flickr

6 The staircase that led from the admin to upstairs. a wonderful curved bannister with lovely details in the spindles.


Stair Crazy!! by gazmather1973, on Flickr

7 I walked past this bottle a few times but came back to it. Sometimes it’s the little things left behind in these places that give it it’s character.


Local Brew by gazmather1973, on Flickr

8 One of the corridors lead out of the admin area. The wonderful tiled floor and reflection from the rain made this a must capture. What lies around the corner??


Reflective Flooring by gazmather1973, on Flickr

9 I had seen images on the net of this television and was hoping it was still sitting on it’s table. Just waiting to be switched on.


TV Hallway by gazmather1973, on Flickr

10 Another of the fine stairwells in this hospital, tried to give a feel of the journey down them.


1 Stair-Way Too Many by gazmather1973, on Flickr

11 The Piano!! or what is left of it. Apparently it was still standing just a couple of months back. It seemed to represent the hospital, holding on for so long but if left alone decay always wins in the end.


Played It’s Last Tune by gazmather1973, on Flickr

12 Water damage and decay everywhere but these bay windows were standing tall it this corridor, like the captain of a ship.


Walking In A Window Wonderland by gazmather1973, on Flickr

13 Another of the fine corridors where the couch was the focal point. Would it be good or bad news if you were sat waiting on that chair??


Please Be Seated by gazmather1973, on Flickr

14 My favourite staircase, why i don’t know. Maybe it was the red carpet ,like walking up a movie premier.


The Red Stair by gazmather1973, on Flickr

15 there was some stunning furniture in the upstairs of the admin that would have sat nice in any fine manor house or stately home. What will become of these, I don’t know.


Cupboard Space by gazmather1973, on Flickr

16 The fisheye really comes into force when trying to capture everything in such a confined space. I wouldn’t be without this lens.


Up Or Down by gazmather1973, on Flickr

17 Evidence of the decay up on the rooftops with the water tower, chimney and admin as a backdrop.


Talgarth Rooftops by gazmather1973, on Flickr

18 Behind the facade, a panoramic fisheye shot of what lies behind the grand entrance.


Within The Walls by gazmather1973, on Flickr

19 Finally, I wanted to get a sense of isolation which was evident in many of the small enclosed room.


Alone by gazmather1973, on Flickr

Cheers for looking guys!!


#1mr.monster!September 12, 2010, 5:42 pm

awesome story mate! shots are spot on!

#2steveSeptember 13, 2010, 10:09 pm

they are amazing shots, like the cover of a horror DVD..!

#3genSeptember 15, 2010, 3:49 pm

wat a find. completely captivating fantastic shots

#4shandoOctober 3, 2010, 6:46 am

Awesome report G, your shots really do this place justice and convey the feel of the asylum. It was a great day 😉

#5TimsterOctober 29, 2011, 11:24 pm

Just a brief update but the site was sold a few months back and security and dogs are rife – they are waiting (god knows what for) to knock it down and they have the wrecking balls and the means there already. Sad times – great explore.

#6CreepingUKJuly 1, 2012, 4:48 pm

Hi the wrecking balls next to the farm building are 3 giant round pots coverd with a canvase sheet I was there last week all buildings still stand a few hand written signs Yard dog builders are there taken tiles and other bits weekdays stay away weekend creeping best for Talgarth.

#7CrissyOctober 15, 2014, 9:53 pm

Hey, I went there today.
No signs of any security measures and the place still looks completely untouched, no one is knocking it down, no one is moving in. Found the “card” in one of the front offices and it brought me here. LOVE this website

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