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A couple of weeks ago me and a buddy of mine went to explore this former academic site in Belgium. This university complex was build in the 1930s and consists of 5 big departments. Most of them are trashed by vandals but one building still remains in very good shape. Sealed like a fortress it only reveils it’s treasure to those who wander into the darkness of a secret tunnel. The reward is priceless, the site is as good as intact. Exploring the place I had the strange feeling I would bump into some professor… A couple of years ago these buildings got abandoned after the university moved to newer facilities.
Today the grounds and buildings are used by the police force to conduct SWAT-drills. That explained the large amount of rubber ammo I found. So be prepared to get shot at “Urbex expects every man to do his duty….”









More on http://www.flickr.com/photos/abandoned_be/sets/72157623832211491/


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The chair hotel The chair hotel(0)
[BEL] Haus des Pfarrers [BEL] Haus des Pfarrers(0)
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