Exploring Little Plumstead Hospital

Author sophos9 - Last updated: 03.09.2010

Project Eden – Insane Mental Asylum

An abandoned asylum spread over a large site of disparate buildings holds the memories of a derelict mental asylum. I’ve been here on several visits and each time I notice something different and unique about it.

The overall site had been free from urban decay for some time however that has changed now, all of the sites have been aggressively robbed of any metal that can be resold, the damage done to the buildings is significant which sux really… Holes have appeared in roofs where copper has been ripped out of the lofts and water damage is reeking havoc on the internal structures.

Still, the character remains of the entire site, eerily tranquil and deafeningly peaceful.

Last time was the worst, a building that was previously locked has been broken into – when I entered through a small window, it was quickly apparent that the building was being used as a squat for junkies – needles, belts, cooking spoons and other paraphernalia littered the floors, makeshift beds were in every room and strangely, tins of dog food were everywhere.

Buildings that are accessible range from living quarters which contain all functional services such as kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and bedrooms. There are two large wards which are all accessible alongside a hospital block. The site canteen is also available to enter, this is a large dark building!

The best part of this explore was being able to enter ‘The Old Hall’ which is a period large building and security is very tight as there is a criminal secure unit on the same site.

As for safety, the buildings are still OK – not sure how long for and some of the buildings have some really strange fungus/bacterial growth!

Hydrotherapy is closed...

Hydrotherapy is closed...

Such a shame, the hydrotherapy and gym units have now been demolished. This was a great place to shoot

Bacterial grows from the roof

Bacteria grows from the roof

This shot was taken in the newly custom built living wards – the mold was left a patch in the roof that looked like something out of a sci-fi

Cleaning contracts are history

Cleaning contracts are history

These toilets were part of the maintenance block – looked grim but light was good

Junkies own this place

Junkies own this place

I had not been able to enter this living block until this visit. One of the windows had been kicked in, when I entered, there was beds set up, needles/syringes littered the floor and human food/dog meat was all over the place. I started to make my way through then heard some noises coming from one of the rooms. I got out of there, frickin junkies aint my thing… I later had the police come and talk to me, they confirmed a bunch of people had been living in there and they were removing them. Sadly, these wards are no longer here.

Hallway from one of the wards

Hallway from one of the wards

This hallway leads down one of the main villas which is still there. The villas have been left with many artifacts intact however have been substantially ripped off by junkies/thieves. When we were there, people were in the building smashing it up – needless to say, they won’t be going back in a hurry


Day Room at Little Plumstead Hospital

Day Room at Little Plumstead Hospital

Decaying room

Decaying room

Part of the gym/changing area outside the hydrotherapy which contained several bits of equipment and lockers which still had artifacts from the previous employees inside. This area has been demolished now

Outside the morgue

Outside the morgue

Inside the chapel/morgue

Inside the chapel/morgue

This is labeled as the morgue in the site plan however inside it looks more like a chapel – maybe sometime converted. Not much of interest in here apart from a alter etc

The Old Hall

The Old Hall

The old hall - Little Plumstead

The old hall - Little Plumstead

What an awesome looking building. It took several attempts before I found a way to shoot the inside, I was not disappointed.

Inside 'The Old Hall' - Little Plumstead

Inside 'The Old Hall' - Little Plumstead

Inside 'The Old Hall - Little Plumstead

Inside 'The Old Hall - Little Plumstead

Decaying room inside the 'Old Hall' - Little Plumstead

Decaying room inside the 'Old Hall' - Little Plumstead

This room was covered in a green slime where the NHS had left the building rot. Its a shame as the roof had started to fail, the NHS had forgotten about this until recently – the roof has been repaired however I would guess substantial damage has occurred

Inside the 'Old Hall' - Little Plumstead

Inside the 'Old Hall' - Little Plumstead

The architecture inside here is pretty amazing however its all started to fall to pieces. In the loft, original fixings remain, these include a drawing board and candle holders

Decaying hallway inside 'The Old Hall' - Little Plumstead

Decaying hallway inside 'The Old Hall' - Little Plumstead

Canteen and offices at Little Plumstead Hospital

Canteen and offices at Little Plumstead Hospital

This part of the site was pretty cool as I found something in one of the small rooms. It looks like the patients at Little Plumstead were used in a sleep analysis test. The equipment has been left and includes everything down to packed electrodes and instruction manuals on how to analyse sleep patterns – there are also documents that shows the emails setting the experiments up

Thats about it for Little Plumstead – the site is now being redeveloped for a day care center

Hope you enjoy



#1MikeOctober 13, 2015, 4:22 pm

The old hall is still there, someone has removed a board from the window, but I wouldn’t go in there alone

#2aannaDecember 16, 2015, 10:56 am

In the canteen pic it looks like there is some1 stood in the dark of the dr way

#3ItsonlymeJanuary 20, 2016, 4:00 am

I went in there tonight and thought i would have alook online about what actually happened to this place , its all beat down now amd just full of rubbish , junkies and squatters have been there alot by the look of it but we went in a smaller building through a busted window and at the top of a flieght of stairs on the left was a closed door but when you open it someone has set up a ouiji board ( may have spelt that wrong ) but only has one real scare there was a door locked so we kicked it open took a few attempts but nothing inside , so we walked up the corridor abit more and we heard a slam and the door had shut itself and locked up again but no wind can get in , gave us a scare alright though , but yeah its still a good explore for a good adreniline rush just watch what you touch like needles for example and take some torches as there is holes in the floor now

#4RebeccaMarch 9, 2016, 4:18 pm

The old hall is still standing, I walk past every day to take my child to school. It is such a beautiful building and such a shame that it has become in the state it has, I do wish they would restore it. Its lovely to see what the insides look like.

#5SilverFoxMarch 11, 2016, 1:32 pm

Just been in the Old Hall. A litlle window allows access but the interior is now looking very nasty and unsafe. The floor coverings/boards are extremely rotten in many places and the main staircase has collapsed between the ground and first floors. Very messy all over and covered in graffitti. My exploration was limited as I hadn’t planned my visit and didn’t have a torch with me. Still, well worth visiting while you can. I slipped through the window in broad daylight, in view of workers in the NHS daycare unit accross the grass, so I kept my visit to 5 minutes! Next time, I’ll be prepared!

#6Courtous2March 19, 2016, 1:38 pm

Hi, this is in little Plumstead, norfolk. United kingdom.. You can actually get in here through a window at the back through some bushes. Was wondering if anyone has any history about this place?

#7rachApril 19, 2016, 12:31 pm

I have worked with many people who once lived at little plumstead, They were all lovely and have very fond memories of caring for them,sadly most have passed away now. Can anyone who previously worked at plumstead remember John Applegate, Michael Harvey, Tina Fletcher, Peter Starling, Jean Maclean, Nicky Billham , Pamela Fisher, Gwen Henry. Would love to know anything about them when they were younger.

#8Rk93August 14, 2016, 10:03 pm

Horrible to see what has become of this beautiful building on the news. I lived in Norwich while at university but never knew about it, and sadly since it’s been left to fall down it’s fallen victim to fire like so many other old buildings. Looks like it’ll be torn down and the land redeveloped. I hate seeing buildings like this left empty for so long, I know it’s expensive to renovate them but leaving them to decay is such a shame.

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