Château de Noisy abandoned school – Belgium

Author Andre Govia - Last updated: 04.08.2009

The official name of the castle is Chateau Miranda, it was named only later on with the name Noisy. It is a property established in the neogothic style of build. It was established in 1866 by an English architect with name Milner,unfortunately he never had the experience to see the completion of his building . he passed away too early.

The rear view of the school

The castle served in the beginning as a summer residence of the family Liedekerke de beau’s fort. In the second world war the Chateau Noisy was taken by Nazis. Then the Chateau served as accommodation for children of the Belgian road employees as a holidays hostel. Now, however, since 1991 due to a fire it has lay abandoned. from the outside the property still gives a very good impression. Unfortunately, it goes to ruin in the interior increasingly with rotting floors and decay , The elements of time are taking control of this sad chateau.

Vast complex

The main Ground floor hall

Mission – Chateau Noisy, Belgium We set off from London at 10.30PM in heavy rain to catch the 12.30AM train from Folkestone. Driving through France into Belgium the rain kept pouring. We met two other members of Mission Abandoned who had also travelled from the UK via Holland. At 4.50AM we arrived at their hotel in Denant Belgium and after freshening up and several strong coffees we let the comfort of their hotel to start our quest. Finding the abandoned Chateau Noisy. In darkness we followed the instructions from our GPS to the small town near Celles. After circling the woodland surrounding the Château, we found a suitable place to park our English registration car in a small village as not to attract attention. At approx 6.30AM we made the uphill hike through dense the woodland. On our first sighting of the chateau we became aware of the distant sound of what sounded like a quad bike. After reading about over-protective grounds man, and owner, we all looked at each other in disbelief that he could be arriving at such a time in the early hours of the morning. As the quad bike drew nearer our worst fears were confirmed. It was the gun-touting mad grounds man. We immediately dived into the grass which was not the best idea since it was only one foot high. The grounds man circled near us and around the chateau.

The entry Hall and our point of entry

To this day we still can’t believe how he did not see the five of us. Once he left, we made our dash across the open grounds to the front entrance. This was locked. Then we spotted a broken door and ran like rats inside. Upon entering the Chateau it was beginning to get light and we caught our first glimpse of the splendour of this 18 century castle. The smell of decay was evident. Nobody spoke for five minutes as we found a place to hide until it was light enough to begin our exploration. The floor boards on nearly the entire upper floors were missing and there was obviously a high level of danger. So we navigated our way around carefully taking as many photos as possible. The ornate ceilings were breathtaking and yet tinged with sadness.

Girls bathroom and wash area

You can only imagine how beautiful this all once looked. Everywhere you looked the detail and love that had once gone into the design of this building was so very evident. You can only ask yourself one question. How could such a beautiful, even fairytale like, castle become so lost and derelict. The rows of sinks and classroom furniture were all that was left of the former school. A school for the railway men’s children.

This place is like a dream or a harry potter set

Upper room

Upon further investigation, the kitchens were surprisingly still intact. We all split up so we could cover all the Chateau including the clock tower to which the views were breathtaking. As the winds bellowed through the many broken windows we could hear shot gun fire from outside. The hunters were shooting in the Woodlands.

South side of the building

One of the classrooms

We realised that it was time to leave this very special place to which we could have easily spent many more hours.

One of the Bathrooms

Upper hallway

Andre govia


#1WoodkneeMarch 4, 2014, 11:57 am

i have full details on how to access the site, including street view pictures.
to be shared only at discretion and with respect.

#2lonnaMarch 11, 2014, 10:15 pm

i am in belgium this week… could you email me the address please.

#3kitten88March 25, 2014, 9:55 pm

I hear they are finally knocking this building down in 2014? is that true..?
What a beautiful old place.. how sad to see it knocked down and not restored. I think its amazing!

#4PatriciaApril 20, 2014, 10:42 am

Op aanraden van de dokter moest ik als kind boslucht hebben en werd ik naar het kasteel te Noisy opgezonden voor ettelijke maanden.
In die tijd heerste er veel tucht..een bepaalde uniform werd vereist (schots rokje is mij bij gebleven) en bij aankomst moesten onze kleren op zolder gehangen worden.Ik herinner mij de grote eetzaal met de immense openhaard…indien men niet stil zat, moest men voor straf handen op het hoofd daar in gaan staan…de foto’s van de douches en de 2 baden doen mij enige beelden terug flitsen…de lange rijen vooraleer wij gewassen moesten werden. De douches waren voor de oudere meisjes
Spijtig geen foto’s van de dortoires(slaapzalen) te bespeuren…
Iedere morgen moesten wij – voor opwarming – rond de vijver lopen en in onze vrije tijd, mochten wij daar kikkers vangen….ik kan nog zoveel vertellen en ben toch nog blij te zien dat er nog iets van overgebleven is…mijn herinneringen

#5BlackrhinoMay 2, 2014, 7:16 am


What will happen if you get caught ? and why do the owner care if ther are going to tear the castel down

#6garciiacJune 10, 2014, 6:38 am

I am for sure going to visit this place in the future. I wonder why it is so guarded.

#7KimberleyJuly 15, 2014, 10:57 am

I just signed the petition and also found several FaceBook pages about saving Chateau Miranda.

This piece of our World’s Beautiful History has GOT to be saved. We have already lost too much to apathy. I will pledge to do all in my own humble power to assist.

#8LivinggemSeptember 30, 2014, 3:14 am

This would be worth going to see in broad daylight.. after dark no. Beautiful on the outside. Enjoyed pics. Read about it on10 scary places on yahoo.

#9GatoruOctober 2, 2014, 12:54 pm

Refering to coment Nr 39 from Ecorob.
I would like to know if the idea of documenting the entire building Chateu de Noisy is still actuell. If so, I would like to get in contact with you. I am also architect and fotografin and I would be interested in participating.

#10QuintenNovember 11, 2014, 2:45 pm

And, at present, what is the situation with the chateau de Noisy ? Are the plans to demolish the castle stopped ? What is the next step now ?

#11ClintonJune 5, 2015, 3:55 pm

To everyone. I am writing, due to the fact , I am in the process of writing a book on the history of the Chateau de Miranda- AKA- Chateau de Noisy. I have a 4 story completed floor plan of the beautiful castle in Belgium. I have over 4000 photographs take by me personally.When I had visited there over 2 dozen times in the past 25 years. I have a large collection of the home before and after the decay started in 1991. The only known 2 photo- blueprints that can be found are not accurate to the actually buildings layout.. I have have personally done that..after years and months of photos and visiting, I finally got all 4 floors.. I am now, trying to move forward with writing this book on the Chateau. I am needing help from anyone who stayed there as a child who can add stories of the castle when it was a school. Would love to hear them, have written permission to use your story and any photo’s you might like to share. I have written the family and the Government about my undertaking on this project and awaiting their response.. 50% of the earnings from this book will be placed in a trust fund to have the building restored. So if anyone would like to share their story and life during the Glory days of Chateau De Noisy- Please contact me by the email above. Thank you Sincerely Clinton

#12SunshineNovember 4, 2016, 7:06 pm

Update as of October 31st 2016, demolition of the chateau has begun. The owner gave the rights to the castle and it’s materials to the demo co. who will split the profit from the sale of pieces with him 50/50, and for 5 million euros they will deliver the stone anywhere in Belgium. The man’s home is practically in Miranda’s back yard and he wanted the land for hunting partys with his friends and erbiexer’s were in his way. Or so he says, there is also a rumor of a golf course, but mostly His familty owned the castle called Veves up the way and ran from there during the French revolution and hid in a farm house where they later constructed a grand castle,around the late 1860’s, anyway the place was never their main home because they had money to burn it was a summer home. Untill Nazi’s occupied it for a short time around the end of WWII. After that it became a school for the Railroad children until I think the 70’s ? Not sure but then it became a camp for inner city at risk kids, and someone said sports camps. Anyway around 1990 upkeep became too expensive and the school closed. After that it sat empty for a few years then the official story is hunters trying to light the furnace caused a fire. Which to me translates . Since the count and his friends are the only ones permitted to hunt on the grounds they decided it was time for a horrible accident so he could collect insurance $$. But that is just a theory I have never been to Europe myself. Anyway after that the owner sold floor boards to a drum company,and took out some fire places to put in Veves which is now a hotel. He never liked Miranda and so tearing it down is what he wants to do. Anyway that’s all I know, but thought you’d all like to know that very soon there will no longer be a Chateau Miranda.

#13delantinetteJanuary 8, 2017, 4:44 am

I’m working on a project about restoring historical buildings instead of just tearing them down. I’m looking for someone who has witnessed Chateau de Noisy first hand, that could do an interview about the experience and why it needs to be saved. The only tricky part is that I am from Ontario Canada and most of the people who have been are in Europe making it difficult to get an interview with. So, if you have been and are willing to do an interview If you could video tape yourself describing the experience and why it needs to be saved, then please send that to I would greatly appreciate it and I’ll send you a copy of the video once it is done. Thanks 🙂

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