TBC Sanatorium, Grabowsee (DE) 2012

Author 2wid - Last updated: 05.09.2012

This report is tiny wee old, from May 2012. Done as a apart of tour with: Life is Illusion, Płomień (flame on TU) and Rocko.

I though that i won’t be posting this location anywhere, but two things happened and i changed my mind.. first of them would be that i promised to post it and second is naughty Keith Flint.

So we came here not knowing that the place has been taken over by a bunch of funky-zeit-berliners who decided to convert an old soviet sanatorium into a summer school for kids (it will probably take good few years ey?) it was getting dark and the place was designated for our hotel.. then we noticed a guard and his dog. Not having much to loose as an alternative was sleeping under an open sky by the mosquito infested lake, we approached the guy and asked if we can stay over.. and i did not hear a single ‘no’ from him since. That is Bernhard the best guard in former NRD i ever met and his bilingual doggy dog.

He got us truly urbexy apartment with comfy-mattresses, floor and.. windows, located just in the middle of the complex. We had our own lake size bathroom and could stay as long as we wished for.. a-very-affordable-donation-towards-the-project (i won’t say how much exactly it was as he loves to bargain, lol). Few years ago they organized a street-art fest therefore you can find serious amount of it everywhere on premises. Bring you own booze.

history: Opened in March 1896 it consists of 27 buildings, first 30 patients has been moved in April same year. Between 1945 and 1995 it has been used as a military hospital by the Soviets. Closed ever since, in 2007 it went through an arson which took the chapel.


















Thanks for watching.

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#1DomSeptember 6, 2012, 7:29 am

Wow, amazing !!

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