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This site had its own legacy in history.

It was build under the plans of Otto Wagner und was finished arround 1907. There are 60 pavilions build under the construction plans of Carlo von Boog. This site is so huge..they had everything there from pork-farms to fruits and vegetables as well as locksmiths and carpenters. Even a little train was driving the food from the kitchen to the pavilions and stuff. Anything you need to be removed from the outside world.


(all the BW history photos are provided by: daknoll – http://www.flickr.com/photos/daknoll/)

On top of the buildings on a hill you find a big church with an golden dome! One of the most known jugendstil buildings in and around Vienna!


throught its golden dome and its place on the hill the site was also known as lemonihill.
but this site isnt known for its beautiful church…nono this site has some terrible secrets.

In 1938 the site was renamed and used as a “euthanasia clinic” by the Nazis to kill low grade eligible peoples.
they where chased, locked away and then killed in the clinic in that time 7.500 patients send to death at this so called euthanasia clinic – a killing field behind the walls of a “care home”.

Between 1940 and 1945 a children’s hospital was placed on the side known as “Spiegelgrund”.
in which where 800 children murdered at this time. and the body parts and brains where stuffed in jar and saved in the basement of the asylum for further tests. The known Ns-doctor Heinrich Gross was the leader of those brutal researches – he was behind all those 800 kills.


(foto by: media wien)

The best, he never get judged for those kills, instead he became a acknowledged scientist in brain affairs as he could use all the probes from all the 800 kids till in the 1990’s and also get a step in the Austrian politics.

He died on the 15 December2005 as a “happy” man. The remains from the 800 children where buried in April 2002 and a big cenotaph was build in the centre of the site.


Today the site is partly in use…the main part is still in use..but they close pavilion for pavilion. They had also plans to reconvert the psychiatric part into apartment buildings for the rich but also they where talking about an soviet investor who will use the old architecture to reconvert it to a sanatorium or stuff like.

I saw a lot of shots from the site on flickr so I thought to check if there are some abandoned parts as well.
I went to the side to check it out and instantly saw that there more than one pavilions empty and locked. I saw that’s not possible to enter without any damage – whats normally not my case of getting access.
so I went back home..

I checked the internet again and wrote to the guy with enormous amount of shots from this place on his flickr.

I asked him – he told me about familiar connections to the admin of the site.and he could maybe check the key of one of those abandoned buildings.

hmm… sounds pretty nice!
One day the phone was ringing…and I have to get my overslept ass over there to finally access at least one of those buildings.

We had a really short period of time to enter shot and leave again…cause we have to return the key quick.

So we went to the one building we get the keys for and start or exploration. The guy from flickr, “daknoll” is a very friendly person and I could really enjoy the explore with him.

You can find his set here:
and more of his historic collection here:

Now we stand in front of one of those buildings and we both dont know what will wait for us behind the door.


But at the time we opened the door a nice breeze of urbex-air rushed in my nose.
from that point on i knew we will get at least some shots of empty decayed corridors.
I could smell it!

so how to start?
lets get up and work us from there to the basement.
I saw the corridors and rooms where quiet empty but the amazing tiles on the floor will make it a special appearance.

lets get our stuff prepared and start shooting.

The upper floor seems like used for living or as office as the rooms had parquet floors, which is not typical for patient rooms.


the window of this floor also is not barred.


lets head one level deeper to see the ward.


following the nice staircase down to the first floor.
now this looks more like a ward.
a beautiful clock is hanging in the middle of the corridor and with this awesome tiles on the floor and that lovely light it might be a pleasant shot!


as you can see on the map the corridor is in kinda u-shape.


lets check it out and get some more corridor shots.



the same corridor from the other side


and a look around the left u-shape… here are the solitary cells


those cells reminds me of an jailhouse or something where you get locked in!
a spooky place.
not to mention peoples where seperated here to get rid of there sickness.




on the long side of the building you can find some 10 to 12men rooms.
we found them quiet empty…nothings left there except the tiles.


and some chairs



one of this big rooms where stuffed with chairs from the theatre.
wich is now under refurbishment.




another of the big rooms was used to archive all the beds from this ward.
aswell as one bathroom.




behind the bed in the bathroom i found some remaining showers.
wich where build without any corner so the patients are not able to hurt them selfs.


we endet up on the other side of the u-shaped corridor.


where we found some more cells and some locked doors aswell.


this was the first floor..lets head to the groundlevel.


the groundfloor was pretty locked and any door was closed.
so not much to earn there..lets take a quick look in the basement as our time runs out.


this is something like the occupationsplace for the patients.
above the entance to the basement is a sign called:
“beschäftigungsgruppe anno 1992”
wich is translated to something like “the occupationsgroup till 1992”


it looks like the place where they can release and free there minds.
while doing something active.


times running out.
we head to the exit..close the door and give back the key to the admin.
if we hadnt knew some of the admins it would be impossible to enter one of those buildings.

but this was just the beginning.
i think well get the possibility to enter the other closed pavilions aswell.
so maybe this story will be continued soon!

hope you enjoyed this semiofficial tour!

and big thanks to my man daknoll for making this possible.


#1Mr. MonsterOctober 6, 2010, 6:08 pm

thank you sophos!

#2raw.tismOctober 21, 2010, 3:57 pm

wow dude, only just seen this as a set….looks like a cool explore and your shots are killer (as always). Number 20 is some serious biz!

#3DanNovember 14, 2010, 10:45 pm

Nice stuff Christoph.

#4hywelNovember 15, 2010, 6:22 pm

wow, just found these n wasnt sure if they were even real. these are amazing!

#5ASOMMay 24, 2011, 7:24 pm

Wow, absolutely fantastic place!

#6Black SheepOctober 5, 2011, 10:43 am

Really nice stuff man! Cool location, the history…

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