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“Arsenal Research” is the Austrian Center of Research and Testing and is an independent public research center owned by majority by the Republic of Austria.
As they build a bigger and more developed testing site on the border to Vienna they closed this one in 2002.
they done some weather-researches for trains as the french TGV and the German ICE.As well as they tested everything from helicopters to motorcycles.
huge turbines and tunnels to test heat and weather resistance.
since 2002 part of the site was used as a party location once or twice.
and artist lived a period there or something.


a nice little site 5minutes away from home!

it was somewhere in 2003 or 2004.
don’t know exact dates anymore.
we did party’s with our 15.000watt sound system.
this is what i used to do back in time.
get in a location set up a huge sound system and play music as long as the police gets your ass off the site!
it was quiet funny…some kind of rebelling time.
lot of fun, lot of troubles.
with the truck, the sound system, the crew…the police..struggle!

I am happy to finally have these times behind me!
but one of these party was in a big corridor somewhere in an abandoned complex.
it looked kinda strange to me as it was build like a normal house but the interior was kind industrial.
never mind that time.
then one guy came and took me by side.
“gsss…i have to show you something”
hm..he didnt looked dangerous to me I thought it might be something to do with drugs.
i tried to ignore him.
as he pulled me on the arm to a door…
“look at this amazing room”
in fact it was amazing.
a long iron corridor with some kind of lights inside.


he told me its a test facility for trains.
ah okay!
looked somehow gigeresque to me.

some years later i totally forgot this place.
as someday i found some very cool eminding pics from this place on flickr.
i recon that there was a photographers meeting there and one of those guys knows the access.
check the net boy check the net.
some hours later behind my imac i found out how…
i meet up with brokencharacter, who hase been there at this photographer meeting.
at the meeting BC had an terrible accident with his knee and went to hospital.
so it was good for him aswell to visit this place onemore time.
and he knew the access point and stuff.
so we went there.entrance was very easy trought a window.
i opened a door from the inside so BC can stumble inside with his still hurting knee.

somebody played around with a fire extinguisher.
everywhere was this white dust.
my pure canon.
so lets take a look around.
we stepped straight from the door in too a little hall with a krane system on the ceiling.



on the end of the hall was a small glasroom. with a old apple computer.


in the other corner was a little workstation and another room with a small control panel.
the dust from the fire extinguisher is everywhere.



then we came in a well known corridor.
it was arround 8 years ago since i played my noisy sounds in here.
but now iam not here for music…I am here for pictures.



shot the corridor..enterd the next door to the right.
i access one of 3 big halls next to each other.





coupled with a little controlroom.
but to shot this room i had to wait till this strang guy is gone….


finally alone.take a couple of shots and head back to the corridor.




pretty impresive little site.
the next door in the corridor looks like a door to a submarine….thats really promising!


that tube-thing i saw at the party.


…wait where are all those lights i remember…
BC told me than this is the smaller one theres another bigger one this might be the one i saw.
but in this tube you have a pretty cool turbine in the side.


this one was build so tight, if i havent bought my new 8mm ultra wide angle lense i couldnt shot any cool results.
and it was pitch black darkness.
i was running around with a really small torch.
so i have to took alot of shots, but as i thought only one is usefull.

but now iam intrested in the turbine of the bigger tube…musst be amazing!
so we head there.
on the end of the corridor was another submarine-styled door.
and behind that myy memories returned like a lightning.
so big and beautiful.


but now iam excited about the big turbine.
i already saw some pics of that on flickr but couldn’t imagine how it really looks!
i only remember that the light was amazing through the fins.
where is it? ..on the end of the tube is a way through some kind of huge fins.
you have to bruise though and than you can see it…
okay lets go then!

we get through the fins without any problems as they are really big.
but where is that amazing light.
bc now told me that the one guy from the photographers meeting had a key and they opend the door next to the fins so the light can pass.
now i stand in the absolute black nothingness.
the turbine is so bir i cant even light it up with my torch.
so bc took out his 680lumen super light saber.
now we saw big and nice it was.
but the light and mood was totally gone.
i wont make a better result that i saw on flickr.
i was kind of pissed but happy to get inside at all.
so i took my shots in several points of view!




on the way to the officelevel i did a quick look at the basement.


nothing special.

lets check the office!
long empty corridors…



…and nice wooden 70ies interior



all in all it was a nice exploration and i could do a lot of cool shots out of it.
and maybe i get the possibility someday to shot the turbine with a better light.

some months later i passed the side again.
i saw a excavator from the far.
so i took a closer look.
and indeed they chrushed the half of the building.
as they where still working i was waiting for the middays break.
then i jumped the fence again to get the shot i was waiting for all the time.
the door that was locked last time was now gone.
instead was a big hole in the wall.
even more light now as the small door could provide!




then i thought of catching the light behind the blades.
it was i scary feeling slipping throught thous big blades.
imagine they start moving!



and a final light paint fun-shot to finish this trip!


this was the last i wanted from this place.

i would have loved to show this location to frits when hes comming over from the netherlands.
but then its gone for shure.

lets hope this place gets a good spot in urbexheaven!


#1Mr. MonsterSeptember 22, 2010, 10:16 am

cool dave!

thank you! :)

    #2sophos9September 22, 2010, 5:00 pm

    Dude, what a great location – looks like some good stuff went on in there… Good article

#3TomSeptember 28, 2010, 6:49 pm

Already leaving / left world.

    #4sophos9September 28, 2010, 7:01 pm

    Ah nooooo….. glad you guys were able to capture this in history

#5Mr. MonsterNovember 20, 2010, 2:49 pm

yeah…too bad its gone!
been there a week after toms shots…nothing left…nothing!


indeed good we captured it before.

too bad i was not able to show it to you foreign urbex-visitors!

#6MiisammNovember 21, 2010, 9:26 pm

Amazing Pictures, love your Style! The Last shot is over the Top!!

#7TowerkzarJanuary 6, 2012, 2:45 pm

You’ve created a fitting memorial to this cool former facility, very nice work indeed.

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