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Author Andre Govia - Last updated: 05.08.2009

My first abandoned cinema ,Did not know what to think as we arrived to the site ,I was sure that from a photo point of view that it would be a total nightmare to deal with !

I was not far wrong with this

So lets go in and see what the abandoned retro Cinema had to offer !!

What on Tonight

No popcorn was left but still had lots of intrest here,time had not been kind to this building ,fire from the top floor (screen 3) had taken part of the roof,water damage and damp takes grip around the cinema.


The down stairs screen has long gone and been made into a bingo hall with bar area ,it is so dark in side that we had 30 high power lights,the darkness began to eat our lights like a black hole !

This vintage dude was a cool find

Bar area on lower floor

A little history :

Robins cinema, formerly the Regal, opened August 1932. The films shown on opening night were Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge in “Jack’s The Boy” and Laurel and Hardy in “One Good Turn”. Over the next 71 years the other cinemas closed and were pulled down to make way for new buildings as Camberley grew. But the Regal, remained, a proud example of 1930’s municipal architecture. It’s name changed over the years as various organisations took over it’s management. It has been the Odeon, the Cannon and finally Robins. The cinema is as popular with the Camberley population now, in 2003, as it was in it’s heyday. Its only downfall is to be situated on a site that is now looked upon as prime development land. On the 15th May 2003, the Regal, Camberley’s last remaining original cinema, will draw it’s screen curtains for the last time.

And so we make our way up into the main Auditorium screen 1 the only screen left .

enter the auditorium theater

Had to use a flash to get this shot as focus in such a dark place as this is a real problem.

The red tones

The red chairs were sitting proud with the years of dust over them.


The overlights we had to use in here was overwhelming .

creepy but cool

so lets take a look up stairs to see the Projection room .

up the stairs we go


so not in bad shape ,not sure what the red stuff is running down this vintage bit of kit .


We found this on the roof !


I Had a look at some of the old film clippings around the projection room

It was sad to see what was a place of fun now in such a sad state.

this way to screen 3

Please come again soon

Andre govia


#1Frits VrielinkAugust 15, 2009, 7:41 am

Great Mission Andre! Something totall different from your asylum works!

#2TomSeptember 3, 2009, 1:31 am

Quite an adventure by the sounds of it and some absolutely great pictures there (not to mention the hub cap!!). Can’t believe that projection gear, and the seats look pretty undisturbed too. Great pics, thanks for posting!

#3ShaunJuly 17, 2011, 6:08 pm

Hey great pics, its funny but i grew up seeing the films here, as my mum worked here. During the 80s i spent a lot of my youth here.
Its funny even though the site is now derelict i can still remmeber sitting in the main cinema waiting every year for the new james bond film to show.

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