Unseen Copenhagen, CphCph – February 2013

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These guys need very little introduction, so all I will say is, sit back and enjoy February’s Guest of the Month with CphCph…..


1. Can you tell us a little about yourselves?

Sure, we’re Anders and Thue from Copenhagen, just two curious friends that like to get to know our city a little better. We started visiting abandoned houses, mansions and industrial sites back in the early 90s. Later we started taking pictures and took it to the roofs and cranes, exploring the unseen Copenhagen.



2. You guys are very popular in Denmark and have a lot of followers on facebook… why do you think that is?

After we made the decision to “go public” on Facebook, it picked up pretty fast. The right bloggers and newspapers started writing about us and it took off. Our pictures appeal to people because we show them their capital in aesthetical pleasing ways and from places they have not seen before. Plus people need a little danger in their lives, and that’s what we provide.


3. What’s in your kitbags? What kit do you find essential to what you do?

We like to keep it really simple.

Thue: Canon 5DII, Sigma f/2,8 15mm Fisheye, Sigma f/2,8 12-24mm, Canon 50mm f/1,8. Manfrotto 055xprob w/ ballhead. Bag: Kata 3N1-20

Anders: Canon 5DII, Samyang f/2,8 14mm, 50mm Canon f/1,4 and Manfrotto 055xprob w/ ballhead. Bag: LowePro Fastback 100. Eastpack messengerbag for tunnels, so it fits the camera mounted on a mini Velbon tripod. That way it’s fast and easy to set up and tuck away in the dark and tight spaces.

Other than that we have room for gloves, a few cans of beer, rope, a few carabiners to secure our stuff when it’s windy or we pull it after us and whatnot.


4. You guys started out with urbex – abandoned locations, do you still do that or is it only roof topping and climbing the city for you guys now?


Not much of that abandoned stuff anymore. It came to a point where all the abanoned houses looked the same and all the industry has more less disappeared. Every once in a while there’s something cool, a slaughterhouse or a brewery but Denmark is not exactly Belgium when it comes to abandoned industrial sites. But Copenhagen is living and expanding and new stuff pops up all the time. The CphCph project was started exactly to portrait the living, growing, old city.


5. What has been your most memorable roof topping experience to date?

The top platform on that 110 meter crane above the Bella Sky Hotel was absolutely nuts….


…..and the night we climbed the Royal Theater and found a way to get indside and made our way down to the main stage was nuts. We have pictures of us at the grand piano on the stage. The security came and we hauled ass up the raggedy stairs again, unnoticed. Sitting in each our tower on the biggest canopy at the Roskilde Festival for two hours was sick, but we were invited, so that doesn’t really count, does it?

6. You guys are really good at finding new spots/locations to climb and have the skills to do it. Can you give any advice for people who would like to do the same… what to do/what not to do… (safety etc.)

Just move slow and don’t be stupid. Look up and be aware of what goes on in your city.



7. If you could climb anything what would it be? (Past, present or fictional)

Would be great to climb the Empire State building along with King Kong but that’s probably not gonna happen. He was such an inspiration in many ways. A lover and a fighter AND a climber. Other than that The Eiffel Tower, Williamsburg Bridge and Storebæltsbroen, New York underground, Paris catacombs, Detroit, Salton Sea.

8. How do you feel about balancing between not giving away locations and still posting on open forums, facebook etc? Does being popular and known, have a downside being an explorer?

Well we’re still very much connected to the inner circle of the danish explorers. Facebook is just another platform, before that we used Flickr. We never tell how to get to a spot and depending on the place, usually we share the pictures and access points on the danish urbex crew forum first, so they get a chance to move on it.


And since we started using Facebook there has been no increase in people on the roofs and we’ve had no increased attention from the authorities. We’re pretty much the only people hitting these places, so it’s not like we’re ruining for anyone else but ourselves.


9. Describe each other in three words.

Anders about Thue: Dead-honest, talented artist
Thue about Anders: Catwoman, entrepreneur, short-process-man, c(r)ooks like a dream.

10. Tell us about the Roskilde festival-job… that must have been rather amazing climbing the big scene photographing 80.000 people or was it more about seeing the concert…


Yeah that was amazing. The job was strange because we never answer to other people and we do what we feel like – creatively and business wise. But suddenly we had meetings with head of security, PR people and all the different people that are responsible for backstage, for the tent, for the artists and so on. So many people to give permissions and we were never really sure that we would actually get to climb the Orange Scene at all. But we did and sat on each our peak for almost two hours, while the band played. Mind. Absolutely. Blown.

11. What have you got coming up in 2013?

More money shots, jobs for architectural firms, some boring government assignments that pay money and some more photo and video stuff with interesting people. And just random law breaking in Copenhagen


12. Who would you most like to see interviewed next?

Interview Le Refs from France, please. He’s into graffiti lifestyle and rails and tres stylish.

Guys, thank you so much for answering my questions…. and of course sharing your images with us


Head on over to the CphCph [url=http://Facebook.com/cphcph.com]Facebook page[/url] and give it a ‘like’ to keep up to date with Anders and Thue, go check out their website and if you’re on Instagram then follow @anderscph



#1steenaartMarch 25, 2013, 8:44 pm

Been following u guys for some time on instagram.

Nice to learn a bit more about u guys!

Nice work, keep it up high!


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