High climbing explorer and urbex clown, Daniel Enemark – October 2011

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If you love exploring high stuff then this round of Guest of the Month will be right up your street. This month we interview one of the CPH crew from Denmark, he is notorious for climbing insanely high stuff – you may know him as the ‘Urbex Clown’ but today, find out more about Daniel Enemark…

Kick back and enjoy the read.

1.Can you tell us a little about yourself?


On top of the world – Copenhagen by night by UrbexClown, on Flickr

I’m in my mid 30s, I live just outside Cph in the town Roskilde with my 4 year old son. I’ve been exploring for years but it was not until 5 years ago that I found that others had the same passion as me around Denmark and the world.


193455_10150203023084896_507294895_9124746_7669129_o by UrbexClown, on Flickr

And for the past 7 months I have been lucky enough to share my passion for exploring, climbing and photography with my girlfriend “BlackBird”

2.You’re well known as the Urbex Clown, what’s the story behind the mask?


clown me up by UrbexClown, on Flickr

LOL, yes I guess I am! He is the dark side of my personality and has been following me for some years now. I have always had a passion for masks so when I first got in touch with the rest of the Danish crew, I found that exploring with a mask was the way to go. So when deciding on a mask I was aiming to find a mask that not many others were using and one that was more than just a mask to me. The name came with the mask, and now it’s so much a part of the exploring me, that it feels wrong go exploring without him.


Shadow clown by UrbexClown, on Flickr

3.What’s in your kitbag and if money was no option what would you get your hands on?

I’m always trying to pack as light as I can so I’m not bringing all my gear on every explore, but my main kit is this:

    Canon eos 5D Mk2
    Canon 16-35 2.8L
    Canon 24-70 2.8L
    Canon 70-200 2.8L
    Canon 85 1.8
    Manfroto tripod
    My Wolf eyes torch
    …..and the Clown mask.

And, if I were to choose without having to think about the cost I think I would like to buy me a nice tall carbon tripod.

4.Which is your biggest passion – Exploring, climbing or photography?


Heaven by UrbexClown, on Flickr

That’s a tough one because I actually I use all three things as mentally valves In a busy life. That’s also why I at times like going on my own, just to feel the location, collecting my thoughts and enjoy the silence. For me it’s often a combination of several of my passions and I even at times choose to take off explore or climbing without my camera, as to get more of a real fell of the location without constantly having to think in terms of motives. If I had to choose one, I think however, it would be exploring that would my greatest passion.


IMG_8354-2 by UrbexClown, on Flickr

5.Have you ever had a bad experience with climbing?

YES, I’ve definitely had a few of those, but I especially remember one where we had climb up the side of a scaffold to gain access to an abandoned hospital church. When I´m about 15 feet up and grab hold of one of scaffolding bars to pull myself up on the platform, the bar loosen and spin around as I pull myself up, with the result that my hand comes by and I fall backwards off the side of the scaffold. Fortunately, my pants get hooked on the side so my fall gets stopped. It took me a few minutes to get your heart rate back down and get black up the scaffold again. Luckily I escaped with a very sore legs and a lot of bruising – and a minor scratch on my pride.


© 2011 TowerPower Photography – All rights reserved by UrbexClown, on Flickr

6.If you could climb anything, where/what would it be?

I don’t actually know. I’ve seen some pretty cool places in London and they have some super sick places in Russia, but I’m not sure if I have guts to climb things like that… At the moment I, along with two others, are planning a hugh climbing project in Denmark – we will probably have the pictures ready sometime this autumn if it all goes as planned.

7.What is your favourite type/building for exploration?

haha, that’s an easy question to answer! that is certainly the big old industrial spots, such as Carlsberg, Pyestock and locations like the abandoned gas production locations with all kinds of pipes, valves, dial gauges and levers. They are mecca of photo motives! I love being able to spend lots of hours exploring these great old abandon locations, crawling up and down, find all the small hidden rooms and hallways spending time trying to imagine how a workers life must have been while the company had its days of glory.


IMG_5827 by UrbexClown, on Flickr

8.What is exploring like in Denmark?


The slaughterhouse by UrbexClown, on Flickr

From my point of view things are good in Copenhagen. We find new stuff to explore all the time due to a group of dedicated and passionate group of explores in and around the city. Also it’s so easy exploring in Denmark; we hardly ever get into trouble or even spotted by security. The Danish crew consist of around 20 active explores that on a regular basic go out exploring together in smaller groups. At the moment we don’t have that many new large industrial spots in Denmark, but we still have some well-known ones that’s always worth a revisit.


IMG_8062 by UrbexClown, on Flickr


IMG_4352 by UrbexClown, on Flickr


Machinery by UrbexClown, on Flickr

9.Tell us about the CPH Crew…..

I think we have an awesome crew in and around Copenhagen and I’ve been lucky enough to get both really good friends and find my lovely girlfriend within the urbex environment in Denmark. We all come from very different backgrounds, which in my eyes is what makes it so very interesting when we meet up or go out together. As I said then I think we are about 20 active explores in Denmark. We´ve got people that are really really good at finding new spots, both by searching the city or by searching online, others like the cphcph crew keep finding wicked stuff to climb. We got people mostly into model photography on abandon locations and people liking horror shots etc. I think when we come together as a crew we´ve got so many talented people in the Danish crew that I am often inspired by.

10.If you could choose any crew, who would it be?

I would love to go out for some exploring and some Doctor vs. Clown horror shooting with Mr. Sophos and Lucy. I don´t have any doubt im me that we would be an awesome crew having a blast! Hope we see you both soon in Denmark!

11.How was your trip to the UK and what was your favourite part of it?

Our trip to the UK was just awesome! Mostly because we had the opportunity to meet with a lot of super cool UK explorers!


TU meetup UK by UrbexClown, on Flickr

We were both super stoked to get to meet you all. You are all very inspiring and interesting people that we love to meet up with again in the future. A special bit thank you goes out to Tony for helping arranging the day out to Pyestock and John for picking us up I London. I would say that Pye is probably my favorite spot to this day, it’s gonna be really difficult to find an industrial spot that can compare to that site for a long time to come.


Overlook by UrbexClown, on Flickr


Love u baby <3 by UrbexClown, on Flickr

Another really great thing about out stay in London was to meet up with you guys, Lucy and Dave, only wish that we had had more time together! We’re both looking very much forward seeing you both again.


Doc vs. Clown by UrbexClown, on Flickr

12. Who would you next like to see interviewed as GOTM?

I would love to see Mr. Medwayboy interviewed for a future GOTM.


Thoughts by UrbexClown, on Flickr

A big thank you to Daniel for this interview, go check out his Flickr photostream for more awesome images.


#1DelmorOctober 18, 2011, 8:56 pm

YEAH! the clown :p
Nice to see and hear things i didn’t jet know.
Nice interview I’ve read it with a lot of interest.

#2TimsterOctober 29, 2011, 6:18 pm

Cool interview – if you ever come to the UK again, come down to South Wales – we’ll show you how we roll 🙂

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