Belgian photographer and explorer, Tychke – December 2011

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Decembers Guest of the Month takes us to Belgium, to an explorer with a love for all things abandoned. This month sees Talk Urbex interview our first female and our youngest GOTM, let’s find out more about Tychke……

1.Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I’m Tycha Buekers, an 18-year old girl. I live in Belgium and I’m proud about it…. even if it’s only because Belgium is an urbex paradise, sometimes I think there more abandonment than live buildings.

Of course, photography has become a passion and thanks to my dad I got caught by the urbex virus. Like most of you, I go exploring almost every weekend.

I’m still a student and so I’m studying applied informatics.


2.What’s in your kitbag? and what’s next on your wishlist?

I’m the owner of a Nikon D300s, a very good camera which I love to work with. Every time I go photographing, I learn new things.

I use a wide-angle 12-24mm Tokina lens and sometimes a 18-200mm Nikon lens to make some detailed shots. I always try to use my tripod and the remote inside a building.

For urbexing I don’t really need anything new. For now.


3.Can you tell us about your first explore?

It was on the day of my fifteenth birthday when I went exploring for the first time. My dad wanted me to join him on a simple location not very far from here, an internal school for little children. I didn’t have a camera yet. I remember being scared, I was looking around me all the time, because I didn’t knew what to expect.

I’m much more relaxed now. It was the first time I smelled that ‘fragrance’ of abandonment. Every time I enter a location, I remember that smell and it’s back in my nose.


4.Generally, there are more guys that are into exploring than girls…… how do you find that?

Girls don’t really like the dirty, creepy stuff I think, but I do.

In general I don’t mind that there are not much girls doing urbex. I do understand that most girls don’t understand being in those filthy places. I like that, getting dusty. Another reason maybe the climbing that you have to do to get inside a location sometimes but in my opinion that’s part of the hobby. It’s nice to do something to get inside, doesn’t always have to be easy.


5.What does a typical day of urbex consist of for you?

It all starts by getting up early. Meeting up with new people is an advantage of this hobby I think, but the most important thing of a day exploring is having a day full of fun. Wondering what funny things will happen today, or what nice things we’re going to see at the next location. Every new day, exploring is a new adventure. Taking lots of beautiful shots is the challenge of every explore….. and closing the day with a good laugh afterwards.


6.You’re only 18 and you have seen so many amazing locations, what would be your ultimate location to explore?

I’m very happy I started exploring very early and on a young age.

Dangerous or not, the place I want to go is Chernobyl. It’s really cool If I hear photographers telling their stories of their visit to Pripyat or see their pictures taken there. It must be an amazing place with an amazing, creepy and strange atmosphere. Knowing what happened over there makes the place special and a paradise for photographers. I’m really jealous of the people who’ve already been there.


7.What is your favourite type of location?

I like everything, I don’t mind where I go I like it anyway, but still I have some types I do prefer.

First on the list is underground. I love it! Those are the places where time really stands still.

Second on the list would be residential. Every house or castle has a story behind it’s closed doors. Maybe something bad happened or something good. Most of the time it’s a mystery.


8.What has been your most memorable explore?

That’s a difficult one, because I like every explore, but there are some days in the summer I really liked…. sitting on a rooftop enjoying the sun. The most memorable explores are the days I go exploring with the crew because it’s so much fun.


9.Are there any photographers that inspire you?

Actually I don’t really have a specific photographer that inspires me. I try to learn from the people who join us on the urbex trips.

I think the location itself inspires me the most. It’s by looking around, not only globally but also in detail, that you can create beautiful things in front of the lens. The one that searches, can find inspiration in the things that he/she sees.


10.What are your three top tips for new explorers?

    1.Don’t take it too seriously, it’s a hobby and not a competition.
    2.Enjoy the locations you explore, everything is different, nothing is the same.
    3.Every place is special, so treat it with respect.

It sounds simple but it makes urbexing much more fun.


11.Who would make up your ultimate crew?

That crew would consist of people who have lots of humour, respect for each other and off course my dad. I already have the coolest urbex crew I always go exploring with.

12. Who would you like to see interviewed as Guest of the Month?

I have no idea, maybe someone else has a great idea?

A huge thank you to Tycha for her interview, please check out Tycha’s website and Flickrstream for more awesome images.


#1BibendumDecember 15, 2011, 8:33 am

A girl with both feet on the ground, unlike many of the new and young explorers. I like!

#2sophos9December 15, 2011, 12:15 pm

Awesome interview, after exploring a few times with Tychka I can say she is a cool explorer

Great interview

#3mr. monsterDecember 15, 2011, 12:29 pm

awesome reading…great one well done tychke and lucy! 😀

#4luccianoDecember 15, 2011, 2:07 pm

Cool photos Tycha, excelente work! go on.

#5StaticpulseDecember 15, 2011, 4:52 pm

Excellent interview girl you keep amazing me.

Best daughter and crew explorer i could wish for !

#6MuneOneMay 7, 2014, 12:26 pm

Awesome interview, I am passing through Belgium in July on a trip through Europe and would love to explore some of these locations.

Swindon has a pretty dismal scene.

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