Photographer of the Month - July 2012

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Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby Ms sophos9 » 29 Jul 2012, 16:58

This month we feature a Slovenian photographer, who is best known for her self portraits in abandoned places and stripy socks. So, let's check out the work of bumble~bee, also known as Maša Kores.....



My Kit

At the beginning I had Sony camera (cyber shot)..really small, pocket camera..I still can not believe I was actually taking serious photos with it! Then it was soon not enough, so I got a Canon D400.. good camera..but I was growing and growing (in photography) and I needed more.

So, Now I have Nikon D5100, 10-20mm and, 18-105mm lenses. My favorite is 10-20mm, because I can get a looooot into my photo. Tripod I use is SLIK PRO 330DX.



My Technique and Inspiration:


Inspiration? Hm, I don't know... I just know what I like, and when I come somewhere, I know what I'll take photos of and what not. I really do not have special inspiration. I have some idea in my head when I see the place, and thats it.. and then I do everything to realise it.. Sometimes I also bring my own props with me (black angel wings, skull...)




Technique..? Hm.. First I crop the image, so I like how everything is positioned in the photo. Then I start with levels, and make the colours nice, then maybe I use burn tool, make some shadows or some areas dark. I use a little hdr effect with HDR effect PRO, sometimes (rarely) I also use some brushes I download on
For some effects I also use lightroom, but I am not big expert there, so I dont use it very often ..


So, a little bit about me.

Ok, so..

Hi, my name is Maša Kores, I live in Slovenia (no, not Slovakia, but Slovenia :D ). I really don't remember exactly how I started to be interested in urbex, but yes.. I am glad I started. I've seen a lot of amazing places, I've met a lot of people, and with some of them become good friends.



I've always liked to explore, since I was a kid actually. Not really abandoned places, but...places where I wasn't allowed to go, or places I didnt know. My favourite abandoned place is hospital..why? I always wanted to be a surgeon, and I really like the smell of hospitals (yes, now you can call me weirdo!)


Three things that you didn't know about me..?


My favourite flavour of ice cream is CoCoNuT (if there is no coconut flavour, probably I won't have any).

My favourite band? Editors

and what else.. hmmm..

When I was a kid, I really wanted a skateboard and my mum said, that if I learnt to swim that year, I would get it. Some time after, I jumped into water and of course started to drown. I didn't get a skateboard in the end... not even for bravery!


A big thank you to Maša for taking the time to share this with us, if you're on facbook, go give Maša's page a 'like' and if you'd like to keep upto date with her work, then head over and check out her website.
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Ms sophos9
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Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby Muddy Funkster » 29 Jul 2012, 17:02

Another photographer whose images lead the way instead of following in the footsteps of others. Great work.
Muddy Funkster
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Talk Urbex Donator
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Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby Digital~Nomad » 29 Jul 2012, 18:09

Thoroughly enjoyed this months interview...some great images there. ;)
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Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby medwayboy » 29 Jul 2012, 22:58

Masa just rocks and look forward to seeing her new work... So inspirational and a great imagination

Keep it up :D :D :D
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Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby sophos9 » 29 Jul 2012, 23:56

Really cool work from Masa, great POTM! Well done you guys for sorting this out. Great images!
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Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby bumble~bee » 05 Aug 2012, 12:53

thank you. To all of you guys :)
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Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby tch0rt » 05 Aug 2012, 17:34

Brilliant interview and shots, Love the reaper walking up the stairs
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Staying out of Derbyshire for a while XD

Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby Gatesy » 05 Aug 2012, 17:55

Great interview and wonderful photos. I'd put the reaper one on my wall its phenominal!
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Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby HelloCaro » 05 Aug 2012, 18:26

Wow!! These photos are awesome!
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Re: Photographer of the Month - July 2012

Postby Sounddesign » 05 Aug 2012, 19:04

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