A walkthrough Maison de Viron

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A walkthrough Maison de Viron

Postby Frits Vrielink » 09 Sep 2009, 21:17

Don't you just love those places that have been kept secret for a long time. Nothing else than natural decay, no graffiti's or junkies or nothing....

I know i do, and i know a place that have been kept secret for a while now...

Please let me take you on a walkthrough Maison de Viron

Welcome to Maison de Viron

First let me start with some background information about this abandoned villa.....

Lurking on a domain somewhere in a small Belgian village lies a left villa that confessed state under the name Maison de Viron. This villa was once the outside house of the baroness of Viron. At time that the baroness still lived in the villa she only used the first and second floor. The third and upper floor still looks like it's hasn't been used for a long, long time.

Everything is covert with cobwebs and thick layers of dust. The house has already been used no longer for more than 30 years. You can still find personal belongings such as photographs, school books and newspapers which return in the time up to approx. 1837. The fact which the villa has been lain on the same domain as if the baroness lives now still makes it extra difficult to enter this villa.
Now that you know a little about the background of this villa, I will leed you through the inside....
It's Saturday morning 03.00 A.M my alarm clock is making noise, i must be dreaming.... But i ain't. I hit the shower, i dress myself prepared to get dirty, grab my bags and i hit the road. 15 minutes later i arrive at the house of my urbex partner in crime. I put my stuff in his car, we drink a cup of coffee and we hitting the road again. I set up the navigation and we're of to Belgium for a 3,5 hour drive.
It's approx 07.40 when we arrive at this little village where we are going to visit this beautiful villa. We parked the car andstart walking towards the domain this villa rests. Outside it's twilight, people are still sleeping and there ain't much movement outside.

About 10 minutes later we arrived at the domain of Maison de Viron, big signs telling us we are not allowed to be here ( we looked at eachother and start laughing). The first visibility on this villa was breathtaking, nothing but natural decay. It almost look like a ghost house...

First sight at Arrival

We also saw that this villa had been well concluded. It could be difficult to enter this one...
So we start looking for a entrance andwe start walking around the building (carefully because we don't want to got seen). Walking around the villa once, we didn't found a entrance (Damn we aintdrove 3,5 hours for nothing!), walking around twice the villa provided us with a entrance(Hell Yeah!!). First time we totally walked by this entrance, 2nd time we didn't and found our way in!
When we entered this villa first thing we noticed was how "clean" this place was, no things where broken by junkies or youth. Only natural decay..
The first room we explored was quit dark, big and red curtains are still giving sphere to this room. I directly knew this is a great location to explore..

1st Room, 1st Sight

I set up my tripod, put on my cam and took some shot's. In the meanwhile i was exploring this room and there was allot of stuff laying around. Letters, cards, books, magazines, bottles etc...


The Baroness must have love birds. There where loads of birdcages in this villa in all kind of sizes.. This one stood in the 1st room

Where did the birdie go..

From this room we walked right into another room, guess that have been some kind of living room. There stood some couches and there where allot of spiderwebs but besides that not quit interesting. So up to the next room.....mmmmm not quit a room but the Main-Hall i guess.

Checked floor, high ceiling, big doors, fireplace (the family weapon was above the fireplace) and a big wooden stairs.. This place got it al baby!
Set up my tripod again and take the shot..

Main Hall with the checked floor, high ceiling and wooden stairs

Damn that looks promising! I took a moment of silence and turned around for another shot..

Main Hall with the Fireplace, big doors and the family weapon

I didn't know i could be so quiet for such a long time! This is great, i wonder how the rest would be...
After spending some time downstairs we thought it would be time to get our ass upstairs. Slowly and carefully we walked up the stairs ( Damn i can hear the wood moan...)

Moaning wooden stairs

We are at the 1st floor now, standing in front of a corridor. On the left and the right are some doors. At the end there are 2 doors looking at me...
( Both of the rooms are bathrooms)

The doors in front of me...

I'm standing in the middle of this corridor, turned around and take another shot..

View on the other half of the corridor

Time to see what's in the rooms...

The 1st room we went in used to be a bedroom. One hell of a bed is standing in that room! It's not that it is a broad bed, but it's very long instead and heavily guarded by a dude with a gun..

Bed Guardian

The other 2 things noticed in here is that ; 1. the curtain's as well the wallpaper is exactly the same! 2. We've been watched...

Someone's watching

Okey more rooms to explore so let's keep on moving before we get noticed back to the corridor... Through the mirror

Through the mirror

We walk up to the next room a almost empty room but something here attracts me, so I set up my tripod and took the shots...

Something here attracts me

I kept looking straight ahead for a couple of seconds imagine myself what kind of room this could have been, turned around and then i got caught by surprise...

Caught by surprise

I'm glad she let us go...

The other rooms on this floor where either filled with old bookcases, closets, commodes etc.... So after a short break we went back to the end of the corridor to have a look in the bathrooms.

Double sink

One of the bathroom was starting to collapse a little bit, so it was time again to get on moving.

The other bathroom

We walked towards another stairs that bring us to the 2nd floor but it seems to be one big puzzle to get upstairs...

Puzzle this..

After puzzling our way up we arrived at the 2nd floor wich was quit impressive as well. The corridor filled up with old bookcases, schoolbooks, magazine's, documents a old school board at the end of the corridor where we even found more magazines and books. This floor is filled with great stuff!

2nd floor corridor

Here are some doors that where close at first sight. The first room I entered the door was allready open. This room was great, don't know why maybe because of the wallpaper maybe because of the atmosphere in this room. While i took some shot's andsetting up my cam for the next i took a look outside towards the villa where the old Baroness lives now days and i could see a car in front of that villa that wasn't there that morning.... Had they just arrived or did they get their car out of the garage? I only know that we don't want to get caught in here..

Enjoy your stay at Maison de Viron

The guard dog from Baroness de Viron

Guard Dog

While having a blast in this room i can hear my urbex partner in crime whisper " look what i've found " ...I walked to him following his voice, his voice leeds me to another room with a bed in it. The bed is still made up and some photo's and other things are standing against the wall at the foot end of this bed.

Time stood still for a while in here...

Made up bed

Baroness de Viron?

The next room we wanted to enter, the door was stuck. But after a little bit of pulling the door opens...This is amazing! An old decaying pram is decorating this room for quit some time now.

Decorate with decay old pram

There are also some old Christmas decorations, old plaited baskets, an old desk filled with loads of paperwork and a very old lamp cap in this room.

Old plaited basket vs Old lamp cap

So we left this room after some shots and we walked down the corridor. We checked the other doors on our left and right, some are closed (not locked) and some are open. The ones that where closed where either filled with furniture or the floor was in such bad shape that i decided not to enter those rooms.

The last room on the left at the end of corridor had a closed door also, we pushed a couple of times and the door opened. Bingo! This was what used to be the study/work room from the Baroness de Viron. All kind of bills, bank accounts, cash books even little notes.

Study/work room

Dates are going way back in time in here..

How time past by

The Baroness must have loved playing games besides the many puzzle pieces laying around we've found a closet with some old boardgames and in this study/work room i found these cards..

Want to play?

After having more than over an hour of fun in this room looking trough those old documents we went to another stairs that would lead us to the attic.
The attic wasn't very interesting, floor was weak and there wasn't very much to see as well. So i took one shot and then we went back downstairs.

The attic

When we came downstairs I wanted to check out the kitchen before we would leave this great villa. I walked to the kitchen, opened a door and it was filled with birdcages.
The kitchen itself was a bit modern, the room next to the kitchen ( looks like a kitchen as well ) was just like the villa....Old

Old kitchen

I look around one more time and then it's time to say goodbye to Maison de Viron.

We walked to our exit point and get into the fresh air. Before we left the domain we took some outside shots from the beautiful Maison de Viron and then it's time to hit the road again...

We had a blast exploring this old villa, I hope you had a blast while reading this!

Brought to you by:

Frits Vrielink
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