Photographer of the Month – March 2012

Author Ms sophos9 - Last updated: 14.03.2012

This months featured photographer needs little introduction, he’s the the reason that we have such an awesome community here, the man behind Talk Urbex…… so I introduce to you, sophos9 (aka David) and the Chronicles of Dr Crazy…..


Wow, so cool I was asked to be POTM (specifically on Dr. Crazy, my other work is lazy and borderline boring). So here I am, providing around 2.5mins (if you watch the video) of life entertainment. Hope you like it….



My Kit:

    Nikon D3
    Nikkor 14mm f/2.8D
    Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G
    Nikon SB900′s Strobes
    Strobist gel kit
    Nikon SU800 Strobe Commander
    Remote shutter trigger
    Giottos tripods (or anything that I can attach a strobe to)
    An awesome light assistant



My Technique and Tips:

    To start off with, Dr. Crazy is just a bit of a laugh – people that know me know I dont take myself too seriously.

Shooting Dr. Crazy can be pretty simple or really challenging, usually down to the location. Typically ISO is as low as I can get it, its all a balance between available light, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. If I want to make Dr. Crazy look like there is some motion, I’ll typically drag the shutter (create slightly longer shutter speed based on lighting conditions). ISO is the last thing I play with and its only used when all else fails.


Aperture again depends on the image I’m trying to create and the DOF needed. I always try and shoot for image quality so anything from f/4 upwards but not usually higher than f/11. I cringe when I have to shoot wide open, we do what we have to but I dont like lateral softness which tends to arrive wide open on FX gear.
Sometimes images are taken on a tripod, other times they are handheld, once lighting is setup – I sometimes hand the D3 over to Ms. Sophos9 whilst I stand like a posing muppet doing the Dr. Crazy thing.


Lighting is a combination of whats available. I’m too lazy to bring loads of lighting gear so I just pack strobes, small soft box then use whats around me. I have been pretty inventive on lighting, there are lots of things out there to help you (surgical curtains make a freakin awesome super sized soft box).


I find that tonemapping works well on the Dr. Crazy work, so usually I bracket a small +/-1 EV (small average deviation due to strobes). You can see on some of the images I did not tonemap, personally I dont like them as much as the tonemapped so learnt something there. I want to create freaky crazy images that make people feel WTF! Thats exactly what I’m after however its just for fun although some time ago I did sell a couple to a haunted house company in the US.




A little bit about Me

Blimey, where do I start… So I’m 33 or something pretty close to that – its hard to describe my job so I’ll just land it as being a psychological geek

I’m a management psychology graduate, Microsoft certified systems engineer and Cisco certified security geek – how random haha, I like to be busy with diverse things, get bored REALLY easily…

Looking back at exploring, I’ve made some really cool friends and seen the most amazing places – all who have given me inspiration to become better at what I enjoy doing, photography has to be my longest hobby, I’ve done many things from marine biology, pulling cars/motor bikes to pieces, playing in national paintballing teams through to designing electrical devices, each of them have been short lived – photography keeps me coming back, not to say I’ve not had my down periods, I’m going through one right now bit it will all come good

I would like to end up doing some specialist photography for horror works and/or metal type gothic bands. I would make a rubbish wedding/flower/nice family type photographer, I’m not that sort of guy and old enough to understand the things I like to (and not) do. Shooting work for album covers, books and other nasty story stuff would be awesome. Would also love to be involved in horror film production, seriously I swear I am a freak dreamer, all I would have to do is scribe some of my dreams (nightmares) and I would be a producers dream – so if you know anyone out there

Heres a little amateur video I put together



Three things you dont know about me…

  • I gigged (rhythm/lead guitar) at a place owned by Iron Maiden back in the day (Oval Rock House, Norwich) – Steve Harris covered bass guitar when Iron Maiden were there under a pseudonym
  • I’ve worked with some major ISP’s on network security consulting
  • I like pink Angel Delight – there is a photo but none of you are going to see it



Well thats me, hope you felt this added value to your day – I’m now off to raid the food cupboards, I could kill egg custard or caramel creme stuff but fear I will have to settle with creamed rice… Evening all


Big thank you to sophos9 for taking the time out from geeking… you can visit his website and Flickr photostream for more Dr Crazy….. or even view some of his ‘boderline boring’ images……

Nikon D3 | 14mm f/2.8 ED | 50mm f/1.4G –


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