Photographer of the Month – February 2013

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This month’s featured photographer has a varied portfolio, capturing moments through portrait, wedding and event photography. Nick Wild shares his tips and techniques for Night Club photography…..


My kit

Nikon D4, D800 & D700
Nikon 16mm Fisheye
Nikon 16-35 f4
Nikon 24-70 f2.8
Nikon 70-200mm f2.8
Nikon 24mm f2.8
Nikon 85mm f1.8
Black Rapid Straps
TTL cords
Manfrotto Monopod
Pocket Wizard TT1 & TT5
Sandisk CF cards Max 8GB

My Technique

With event photography I try to go in with a open mind. You may have been given a brief by someone but as soon as you arrive on site something new is put into the mix! It’s a case of deal with it, do your job and get out! This is of course corporate events.


Nightclub photography is a whole new ball game, I can tell you!


You will arrive at a club/bar at peak period and with a job to capture the night and punters in the best possible light! Ha!This is sometimes the hardest challenge of them all!



People don’t respond to you when they have had a few… This is why I have acquired the nickname recently ‘Smash & Grab’ I have adopted the style of capturing the atmosphere and people as quickly as I can. Its by no means easy work but its rewarding and when the club owner/promoter is happy with what you get, it’s job done!



I currently work in the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire area as I feel London is very saturated with photographer’s that will work for next to nothing or event entry to a club! Techniques I use shooting in the club environment is very mixed and something I am looking at teaching in 2013. No club is the same so you can’t just say to someone A+B=C! There is huge differences form venue to venue with lighting, ceiling height, and lasers.


There are basic settings and then you adapt from there with lenses and on/off camera flash. I tend to shoot with my D4 and 16-35mm f4 @f4 with shutter speeds going down as low as 1/4 with on and off camera flash with different flash diffusers through the night! The reason I shoot with a D4 is its power in low light and high ISO capabilities. I can shoot an image at 10,000 ISO and have no issue with noise! This brings me on to a valid point….some Live music venues say NO FLASH when shooting in the pit all you can do then is wait for the lighting engineer!



A bit about me

Lucy has asked me to say a bit about myself in this section….. I first picked up a camera in early 2009 after speaking to a photographer at a friend’s wedding. I opened a photography studio in May 2011& left my full time job of 10 years to go it alone as a freelance photographer in Sept 2011 and haven’t looked back! I love every day and challenge that I face! I’ve just launched a new website and I also offer training experience where I teach people out on location and in the studio each month.


Three things about me

No 1 : I used to Dj Drum and Bass for 10 years and play on London’s Flex Fm weekly
No2 : I was signed to a London photographic image Library after only 3 months using a camera. They have now been bought out by Getty Images.
No3 : I sold some images of a celebrity up to no good – perks of the job


Big thanks to Nick, to keep up to date with what Nick has got going on, go check out his facebook page.

If you would be interesting in training with Nick, on event photography, you can contact him directly via his email address or via his website.



#1DickyFebruary 27, 2013, 4:54 pm

Great insight into someone who is clearly a very talented photographer 🙂

#2Day Of The DeadMarch 8, 2013, 1:05 pm

Cool Nick, so..

‘I first picked up a camera in early 2009 after speaking to a photographer at a friend’s wedding.’

Who would that be there lol 😉

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