Photographer of the Month – February 2012

Author sophos9 - Last updated: 15.02.2012

So here at Talk Urbex we have recognised that as well as urban decay and exploration, many photographers here in our community have other talents. This monthly feature has been created to showcase those talents, so without further a do, sit back and enjoy our first Photographer of the Month…….

This months featured photographer is David Smith (aka Wiffsmiff23), who lives with his partner in Risca, South Wales. He started photography in 2005, his first camera being the one on his mobile phone. You will find him chasing tides and clouds (usually running from crashing waves) with Molly, his 8 year old Bull Mastiff, to get that perfect shot.














David’s kit:

    Canon 5d mark ii


    Canon 550d is back up


    Canon L series 17 to 40


    Canon L series 70 to 200 mm


    Canon macro L series 100 mm


    Canon 50 mm


    Sigma 10 to 20 mm

Manfrotto Tripod
Gitzo Tripod

Hoya Filter ND4
Hoya Filter ND8
B&W Filter ND110

David’s Technique & Tips:

    Shoot between ISO100 and ISO800, depending on light, usually working down from ISO800 to ISO50 when adding the ND4.

Aperture set between F4 and F16, this changes as the light unfolds and also when adding the ND4 .

Always use a tripod .

Shoot 3 exposures +/- 2 E/V.

I rarely crop an image, I like to see the image in camera and process it as I saw it on the day.

I’m a composition freak, there is always something that leads in and out of my images….. and I have to have CLOUDS or “Fluffies”

I pass images through photomatix, using really subtle settings.

Then finally, I process in CS5… I love saturation and have my own style that I use in CS5

A little bit more about David Smith…..

As well as my landscapes I love “obscure macro”, I like to be different to the crowd. I also love Urbex and the thrill of getting in these places and avoiding Security..
My Toughest….
…urbex explore: Pyestock, lots of adrenalin and physically getting in to places and pipes.
…Brecon explore: Wellington bomber treck 7 hours we got lost on the way.
…beach trek: Beachy head lighthouse – I got in front of it and touched it.
…waterfall trek: …..the one I fell in chest deep.
I joined Newport camera club a few months ago, and have made four amazing mates who are for LIFE. Flickr has taught me so much and I’m still learning. I’ve also made some amazing friends through Flickr and Talk Urbex, I so want to meet and explore with you guys & ladies.

…and finally three things that you probably didn’t know about Wiffsmiff23……

    1.I gained “A” levels in Art , History of Art Embroidery ( I kid you not ) lol
    2.I’m a retired “Bodybuilder”, I competed in NABBA 2000 & 2001
    3.I’ve destroyed 3 canon 450d’s & 1 5d mark ii – Thank god for insurance.

You can keep up to date with David on facebook and view more of his great images on his Flickr photostream.


#1TimsterFebruary 15, 2012, 10:06 pm

Great article and long overdue 😉

Its a pleasure to personally know and roll with Dai ever since we met at our camera club at the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 (I forget when) But he is right, friends made for LIFE.

Without fawning too much – a total gent, a great sense of humour (he does need one believe me) and an everlasting font of knowledge. I wouldn’t have done half as much photography as I do now if it wasn’t for him. Big up to Wiffs and long may we roll as a group.

#2oldskoolFebruary 15, 2012, 10:07 pm

im gobb smacked a true talent right here best shots ive seen ever

#3DanFebruary 16, 2012, 1:32 am

I’ve liked your images since I’ve seen them. I think I added a ton to my flickr faves

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