Yongnuo Wireless Radio Triggers Review

Author Gatesy - Last updated: 13.09.2012

Right first product review coming up!!!

Recently I’ve fancied playing around with flashguns whilst out and about but I was put off by the cost of pocketwizards and the like. I was after something cheap and reliable I could fire wirelessly.

So a bit of googling later and I came across the Yongnuo RF-603’s. I managed to pick 4 of these up for £50 but they come in pairs for about £25. They come with a cable which allows you to fire your camera wirelessly as well.

You need one on your camera to fire your flash and one on your flash to fire that. With 4 I can fire 3 flashguns from the camera or 2 flashguns and the camera from up afar. They reportedly work up to 100m away but I haven’t tested them that far. About 30-40 meters is the furthest I have fired them and they worked flawlessly.

They run on AAA batteries not some stupidly expensive specialist battery so easy enough to get spares, they have 4 channel settings so if your out with someone else with a set you can easily change the channels so you don’t clash, the channel selector is in the battery compartment so you don’t accidentally switch them over. I have been using them as a wireless trigger while doing macro work and they work a charm, you can also use them in bulb mode just by continuing to hold down the button which I found invaluable last weekend.

The nitty gritty…….they have no shoe mount so if you mount them onto a stand there is no locking mechanism on the bottom. This can be a pain in the backside as I found out when my 430EXII took a nose dive onto a concrete floor (luckily it survived) so I found that selotape or gaffatape works wonders. Other than this issue they are a fabulous bit of kit for the money.

For the more advanced strobists you should know that these aren’t ETTL compatible so if you have an ETTL only flash like the Sunpak PF30X or similar these are no good for you. You can only use your flash in manual mode with these but then what do you expect for £50.

Overall a superb bit of kit and a welcome addition to my kit bag

The model you want are the RF-603’s and not the 602’s. Worth having a look around as the prices seem to change from one day to the next but I got mine from amazon.


Next review will be the Samyang 14mm f2.8.


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