Nikon D800 rumoured to be announced tomorrow

Author sophos9 - Last updated: 06.02.2012

According to Brazilian site ZTOP, the company’s set to officially debut its 36.3-megapixel D800 tomorrow. So, what’s on the spec list? Well, it looks like those rumors were true, as this high-end DSLR apparently boasts that aforementioned CMOS sensor capable of 7360 x 4912 resolution and the ability to toggle ISO from 100 – 6,400. As you’d imagine, this high-end, digital light box also comes equipped with the ability for full 1080p30 HD video capture, recording content in either H.264 or MPEG-4 formats. Naturally, there’s also a 3.2-inch LCD viewfinder onboard so you can sift through your sizeable gallery of stills. While we still caution you to take this news with a nigh invisible grain of salt, it’s likely all will be revealed in one day’s time. Check out the source below for additional shots.

Source – Engadget/ZTOP

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