Delkin Dual Universal Battery Charger – Urban Exploration Review

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This is a review of the Delkin Dual Universal Battery Charger which is compatible with nearly every digital camera battery model on the market.


Founded in 1986 as a modest ten thousand dollar startup,Delkin Devices Inc.’s impressive performance ever since has rightfully earned the company its reputation as one of the top U.S. manufacturers of memory upgrades and digital device products.Today the Delkin name is associated with paramount quality, professionalism and most importantly innovation,serving both industrial and consumer markets worldwide.In the past decade, the company has paid particular attention to the professional photography industry,but manufactures accessories to be used across digital SLR and point and shoot cameras, mobile phones, PCs, notebooks, music players and even gaming consoles. Delkin Devices Inc. maintains operational headquarters in Poway,California with an international branch located in Birmingham, England.



Class 2 Dual Charger,12 volt – 240 volt…(Dual = 2 x Batteries from 2 different manufacturers at the same time,one on each side of the unit)
Base Unit Dimensions: 3 x 4.25 x 1.75 Base Unit and Cord Weight: .6 lbs (.3 kg)

General Review

The Delkin Dual Universal Battery Charger can charge two digital camera batteries from two different manufacturers at the same time.Each battery is monitored and controlled individually on a separate circuit, so it operates like two high-end battery chargers plugged in side by side. Battery charging plates (sold seperately) are designed for each digital camera battery model. The charging plates are simple to use and easy to slide on and off. The charger uses similar charging methods as your original equipment manufacturer,ensuring a quick and efficient charge every time.LED gauges on each side of the charger accurately report individual battery charge status and automatic 12/110/220V switching allows you to take your charger with you on all of you trips abroad, you will be able to charge from a car,boat,hotel or even a lamp post if you can get its cover off and get to the socket inside..(best avoid trouble with plod though..)

Imagine your touring Europe on an urbex road trip or even touring the USA or Asia travelling by car,you can now charge your camera batteries 2 at a time from the cigarette lighter socket, better still you can charge yours and a friends batteries even if they are different camera’s Nikon and Canon can even buy a plate to charge 4 x AA batteries for your flash gun whilst charging your D3, D300, 1Dmk2, 1Dmk3, EOS450d batteries on the other plate. If your in a hotel you dont want to be waking in the night to put your 2nd battery on charge on your oem charger. Do them together on this, you name it this baby will charge it, no other charger can offer this flexibility.

Not many camera manufacturers will supply a dual charger for their batteries, I know Nikon does for its pro D3 range of camera’s..Nikon mh-22 (I’m unsure of the Canon range of bodies), but if your cameras original unit goes wrong it will cost you £100+ for a replacement. This cracking little unit sells for anywhere between £30-£40 here in the uk and you then have to buy the charging plates which can costs as little as £2.99 from .. both have a selection also…just hit google (its your friend)

I purchased the base unit from them for 28.99 and 2 Leica plates for £2.99 for the pair, they have universal kits for Canon and Nikon with a mixture of plates £39.99 or you can buy the base unit with dedicated battery plates for £69.99.. (this however is the crazy option as a base unit costs £28.99 and dedicated plates from the web £2.99 total cost of £31.98) really cant understand where the £69.99 comes from.


Whats in the Box

The box contents includes:

  • Charger base unit
  • Country-specific detachable desktop power cord
  • Car adapter (Charging plates are not included)

It is backed by Delkins two-year warranty



Well I have 2 of them if that isn’t recommending them enough I really don’t know what is (I don’t buy crap and never will). With the wife using a Nikon D5100 now I have plates on order for that as well as plates for a Fujix 100 and Xpro 1 also. The photo below shows my 2 units with 4 plates for my Leica M9 batteries.


Follow the link to see if Delkin support your batteries… I would be very surprised if they don’t. … pters.html


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